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Fluttering heart help


Hi, does anyone ever experience what I can only describe as my heart feels like it's bubbling and doing all weird beats. It sometimes feels like it's not beating at all for about 4 seconds, has anyone ever experienced this?

I'm scared incase it's my heart giving in or is this my anxiety? I just never know anymore

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I get that. Im sitting and suddenly I feel that sudden weird flutter In chest, like if my heart jumped out of place or something, it lasts a few seconds but it is very unsettling. Specially when I get palpitations.

Digydoda in reply to Hidden

It's horrible, I just keep thinking this is it when it happens but then I'm fine again in 10 minutes

I get this to. A flutter in the middle of my chest it doesn’t last long, but it will come and go. Some days I won’t have it. And others it’s there all day. I’ll feel my pulse it’s normal. So my heart isn’t fluttering. I talked to my dr and he believes its muscle tension. Im super tense all the time. So they are chest tremors from tension. It’s scares me every time. Anxiety is horrible. I wish it didn’t exist!

Digydoda in reply to Summer1708

I think that might be why I'm getting them as I think I'm tense all the time because I'm constantly on edge with my anxiety! I do too

I experience this fairly regularly. It seems this sort of thing can be just another part of anxiety. I had loads of ECGs and everything checked out normal. It’s more than likely to be nothing physically wrong but see your GP if you’re worried.

All the best.

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