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im affraid of a heart attack. Anxiety or heart problems? HELP


Ever since i had my baby 1 month ago i been having chest pains, left arm pain, dizzines, upper back pain and heart palpitations, i went to the ER like 3 times already had 3 EKG's done and an xray done but im still not convinced that my heart its okay. Please help i want to know if im just having bad anxiety or in fact it's heart problems, im only 25 can it be heart problems? Or just bad anxiety? P.s i was diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

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It's the anxiety and the depression I had the same symptoms and thought the same thing. I hope u feel better soon

Chache in reply to Kia302017

Thank you so much means a lot to me to know this 😀

Kia302017 in reply to Chache

Ur very welcome. Big hug sweetie

I'm sorry you are feeling this way . (Hugs) I've been there back and forth from er to er . It sucks ! But since you have been and everything checks out ok then you should try and rest your mind . Play a game on your phone something to get your mind of these symptoms. I know it's hard. I have been crying my eyes out thinking I have been misdiagnosed 😔 I'm here if you need someone to talk to .

Chache in reply to JoMarie5

It sucks because the symptoms are so real you actually feel it, and you get surprised when you go to the ER and everything's good. Thank you so much for the support. (Hugs back) how did you over came your symptoms?!

Honestly I still feel like I do have the some symptoms but no matter how many times I've been to the ER no matter how many doctors have told me I'm OK I still can't get it out of my head . Everyone told me to get a job and get out of my house because being here is making me go crazy I also have a four-year-old daughter starting school this year so I'm going to find a part-time job . It's just I guess some days are better than others some days I can tolerate my own bullshit and some days I can't. I wish I could give you a answer but I don't have one for myself yet . You definitely have to keep your faith.

Chache in reply to JoMarie5

You should get a part time job it helps alot, last year i thought i had bran tumor and this year it's heart related problems, so i have a job and it makes it better to go out and not think about it as often, the problem is when you get home you feel every symptom, i wish we wouldnt go through this. Im glad found this support page bc i thought i was alone. Lets just hang in there and wish that one day we will feel better. (hugs!)

JoMarie5 in reply to Chache

You're absolutely right and I'm sure one day we will feel better . Also being a mom can take its toll on you. I think that's more heightens my anxiety sometimes thinking that I will leave her behind just makes things a lot worse . ((Big hugs back))

Chache in reply to JoMarie5

Omg omg that's exactly what i think, i have 2 kids and my youngest is just a month old it sucks thinking that bc it makes our anxiety worst. We just need to relax ( eventhough its easier said then done ) but we jusy need to hang in there

Think you are suffering major ante natal depression after the birth. Thankfully I never had it after my 2 sons were born but I had a cousin who suffered very badly and had to attend her doctor for some time because of it.

DO NOT NEGLECT IT and let it get out of hand or it is a lot more difficult to get under control again. Your hormones are obviously all over the place and you have a very young baby so you need to see your GP immediately and explain your symptoms and get help a.s.a.p. by way of medication and maybe some counseling if necessary.

Don't think it is just you - this happens to many women and you have no control over it.

The sooner you get help the sooner you will be well again to enjoy your baby and family.

Do you have any shortness of breath? If so tell your doctor you want to be checked for a PE (pulmonary embolus). Although rare, that is one very real thing that can happen after child birth and needs to be ruled out. If not, i agree it's post-partum anxiety issues. I habd to take Celexa for a few months until my hormones regulated.

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