Can't sleep . Worried out mind . Went hospital 7 days ago only 4 the day .... had bloods done . Neddle in belky really did hurt . Still bused . Grrrrr mind u had bad belly since.. but not my worry wonder any one takes temp .awful keep taking mine mostly 36.6 never been hight only when ill .. but night silly me being me has take it under 36.. though been told 35.7 nothing worry over I lie here thinking die as read Internet sopose be dead reading .. o well may not be here morn then ... think hard lie thinking thinking grrrrr ..... sopose better try sleep sorry pain just had get off chest ...... Lot going in as high anixery . My son deep depressed wants end life hard mum as say pls think different xx


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47 Replies

  • You'll b fine, I'M praying 4 u

  • I take my temp/bp all the time to make sure I'm OK.Think your temp is normal range so don't worry(easier said than done I constantly worry over stuff) Don't use Dr Google because he can make you stress even more!If you are concerned and live in the UK give 111 a call! It can't be easy for you when your son has problems as well.

    Take care


  • Thanks going ring boots they should now ... like u take mine all time .To Internet made worse xx

  • Sure you all be OK!Yep best to speak to someone who knows best!


  • Thanks kath x :)

  • Hey how did it go when you rang Boots~did they say your temp was OK?I try not to do mine all the time now if I can help it,but a bit like a comfort blanket to make sure aok(not done it 2 day but did yesterday)

    Are things any better with your son?It must be a terrible worry for you when he has such dark thoughts~I hope both him and you are getting support through this time!

    Take care


  • Hi Kate .. boots wortied me said low... but rang 111 . She said maybe was cold .. but happened again last night .. I'm got ear one .And one put under tounge. . Reading on that one's low weather .. not reading right not sure ear ones more correct .. but not feeling great today ferl fighting stop my self going over edge hun .. anixery really mess with head .... son getting help yes .... me can't take pills so fight best can .. worry end up away as sopose me feel losing contol don't now much about anixery sign or not ... very kind you to ask thanks Kate xx hope your ok dine well 2 days I take mine every half hour x

  • Oh hey think you are taking temp far 2 much! All sorts of things can alter your temp~ie having a cuppa going in the bath etc! I think you need to speak to your doc about your fears its not doing you any good at all~ think all this stuff with your temp making your anxiety worse!I know I do take mine quite a bit but at most just once a day!I don't take meds either tried antidepressants but made me a lot worse and took ages to get out of my system!Pleased to hear your son is getting help,but you need to look after yourself as well!I find my anxiety is worse when I have time to dwell on stuff and my mind goes into overdrive!I worry about everything!!

    Try and wean yourself off doing your temp so much,I know its easier said than done,but doing it is stressing you out far too much and won't help!

    Let me know how you get on,try and chill out,have a relaxing bath and watch some TV to try and take your mind off it all


  • Thanks Kate .. will try your right taking to much did ring 111. Yesd .. is easy said done awful thing anixery .. think my touble is dwell on things to much pain here I painc ... had bath so try chill.. now hun.. so kind nice talk to someone now then... yes I make my anixery worse when I try them. Why trying fight it alone . But need do things u say puy mind off things thinking off all time mean checked out hosp just over 10 days ago xxx jill

  • Well try and remember that all sorts of things can alter your temp, age lifestyle etc!Pleased you ve had a bit of relaxation it can help us worry heads a bit.Try your hardest not to take your temp til say 2 morro am wen you wake up,If you feel OK in yourself try not to worry!

    Hope you sleep well (I can get off to sleep but have terrible early morning anxiety + that's when panic takes over)Oh I don't know this anxiety is a terrible illness!We just have to do our best to carry on!Keep :) know how hard this can be at times~Im really good at hiding my anxiety and people think I m a happy confident person!(ha ha tears of a clown and all that ~ that's me!!)


  • Thanks Kate ...yes so many reasons ... yes awful think deal with used be gd hidein mine can't now ... want take any more try listening cd see help xx hope u get gd bites sleep to . I painc soon I wake up to but me mine carry on all day .. hope chat soon thanks again xxxx jill :) 💕

  • Hi Jill well back to work for me again to day and been awake most of the night worrying!Had usual early morning anxiety, mine comes and goes during the day but least bit thing can trigger off panic(I can get sort of electric shock feelings through my body)!

    Remember try not to take your temp too much!!And hope you have a good day!


  • Hi Kate hope work went well yesd .. no not took temp much at all .. Get tingles in all body head all day .. feel sick awful hun .. hope day gos well thanks again talking to me xx jill

  • Hi Jill,yep work OK I always worry first day back tho.Good you haven't took temp so much!I often get that "electric shock" feeling when panic/anxiety takes over its awful!Try and keep strong, with temp ! When you get that sickly feeling try drinking ginger or peppermint tea,it can soothe the feelings!Well off to work in 5 mins or so~ take care you are doing really well~ and hope things not too bad with your son!


  • Thanks Kate. . Try that get some get shops sounds good .. yes hun awful feeling hin fight it every day we'll sun's out bit windy xx have lovely day talk soon jill xx

  • Well another day over!Just chilling out now had a nice bath + in PJs and dressing gown.I don't ask for much in life really just peace and quiet!Been a bit of hitty Missy day here (North East) but at least no rain!Had a touch of anxiety but do every day no matter what!

    Hope your day been OK (and your son as well) it must be hard for you coping with it all wen you have your own problems !Try the tea I told you about it does help!

    Have a peaceful evening and sleep well!


  • Hi Kate bern nice say here sun still nice warm . Had painc this morn .. then went up school 2 hours .. like you had nice warm bath in pj's. Washed hair.. have gd evening sleep well jill xx :)

  • Morning Jill.had terrible anxiety/panic during night and usual this morning.Think have got myself upset,I help out an elderly neighbour and he hasn't been well for a while so took him to docs and has to go back to day! So feeling worried he s such a nice guy!I was really good mates with his wife who passed away 8 years ago,and since then have looked out for him!!Oh dear wish I didn't worry so much!

    Anyhow hope all well with you!

    Take care


  • Morn Kate havr one now get awful morn. . Thoat bit dry suffer sometimes souls. But sure aslo water infection had week hate them... bless u hope soon ferl better .. be thinking your friend .. bless him hope be ok my son. Not feeling gd that's a worry 4 me .. just lost friend.. to over dose she was only.. 35 bless her... let now how friend go Kate .. x:).

  • Sorry to hear sad news bout your friend,such a young age in sad circumstances, how awful for you!My youngest son has an appraisal at work to day he has a placement from uni for a year so he was stressed out before he went off today,I'll be on edge all day!

    You are bound to worry bout your son~thats what being a good mam is all about!Let's hope he gets better soon!I dunno life's not blimmin fair!Drink plenty of water for your infection!

    Thank you for being a friend to me~,I look 4 ward to our little chats!Gonna hang some washing on line before work!

    Take care!


  • Thanks Kate . Wanting be good friend me to look forward our chats to .. o no hope your son gets on ok most be worrying to start with wish him luck ... yes hun drink plenty water best think to do .. hope hear how son got on later if u get tome pls .....now off to take little grandaug. . To school .. then work washing to xx jill x :)

  • Will be in touch to let you know how things go!think I all be worrying all day with one thing and another!Take care!


  • Thanks Kate. .are bless you . Tey not worry to much .. now hiw ferl though talk later have nice day take care ...jill x :)

  • Hi Jill yep got your msg,don't know what's going on my tablet not sending msg!Anyhow you have such a lot on your plate bringing up your granddaughter and one thing and another you have a big heart and hope you are getting some help too!

    Tomorrows another day and let's hope it brings peace!


  • Sorry if my replies are a bit strange tonight think I have gremlins going on!


  • No worries Kate x:) pc do play up at times mines same

  • Morning Jill.hope you feel a bit better today.You have so much on your plate.looking after your granddaughter and your sons problems too.Do you know I sometimes listen to sad music so I can have a good cry and get it out of my system!I feel a bit wobbly this morning. but my car going in to garage to have heater fixed.when anything out of my routine comes along that's when panic sets in!Must admit I did my temp this morning which was fine but BP on high side but knew it would be can feel my heart pounding just cos I'm worrying!

    Oh heck what a life!

    Hope your day goes OK and will be in touch later


  • Hi Kate not doing so well today full shakes feeling dizzy then get worse think going in ti a panic attack ..mind u been out littke whlie with school but don't injoy it as so bad anixery makes feel ill xx do me hope have nice day son no better so naje me worse to grandaug fine bless het wait hear u later xx jill x :)

  • Oh Jill sorry to hear you are having a bad day!know how you feel mate,I got my car back which I was pleased about.and then I was just sitting relaxing and all of a sudden I could feel panic rising up!So had a few drops of rescue remedy to calm myself down! Unless you suffer like we do no one understands these terrible feelings of dread!You have so much to deal with as well, sorry your son no better but at least your little granddaughter a gem!

    You take care ~ you are a dear friend to me even though we have never met~I wish you lived next door!:)


  • Hi Kate yes got littke grandaug.. All want do today cry .. cant take pills help mine .. hun ... sorry hear u had one to .. plsd got car back .. yes good friend to me to .. Kate. . Nice have friend.. wish we lived nearer to .. jill x :)

  • Well you never know one of these days we might meet!I know its sometimes hard to be grateful with what we've got.I have 2 lovely sons and 2 little grandsons + do try to be happy with that I sometimes think I am so ungrateful with life!But really can't help the way I feel at times!I don't take meds either, worked 10 or so years ago,but 3 years ago when it all flared up again made me really I'll.Propranolol was fine but didn't want to rely on it,so stopped after a couple of months!

    Yep aok with car now at least I won't fry now!

    Hope you feel a bit more settled!I know the feelings only too well! But try not to let it take over!

    You are a good human being!!


  • Thanks Kate .. Try not to as so easy do take over .. im 3 grandchildren as told hun bring one up ... bit better now she at school ..but since bern there she picking up bad habets lol ... yes one day we mite meet.. glad I drive Kate as live out very lonely part country. . That I hate .. as don't work .. now days so long think why worry as more time think alone ....sure nice have a friend share different things with ... jill x :)

  • Yep same here I live in a village that has one shop(and that's not very good!) I don't really drive too far I'm not too keen on motorway driving!I worry every day when my youngest drives to work!

    When you are alone you can over think things~ that's my problem as well,I honestly think that having someone to share your problems with is a great help especially when they are going through the same stuff!

    Well yet again in PJs and dressing gown! (I def live life in the fast lane ha ha!) Tomorrow wen I'm out in my car gonna have air con on full pelt(even if I freeze to death)

    Keep :) and try and relax tonight,I'm gonna watch the soaps then read for an hour or so in bed!


  • Hi Kate like me want even drive on motorway. .Both my boys left home now . Get very lonely as yes havr hubby but never sirs same room ne hate what I watch why I go bed at 8 my self .. very lonely life had like this few yrs :( we never go out so unhappy as well ..yes really helps I think to talk have someone sane as you sure helps have good friend to .... far and few in between ... sane here in pj's. .. lead boring life to hun.... not got any shops 5 miles shops ... just big river .. and mikes fields..... hardly see car ... its mile more to school yes going bed try see chill ..hope u injoy your reading ...jill x :)

  • Oh Jill you sure have it tough!I am separated (not yet divorced tho) part of my anxiety was through this relationship I never felt good enough(it would take a week to tell you details) I live with my youngest son and 3 cats!Just remember this my friend you are NOT alone! You have me even though we don't see each other~we still have a connection! Try and embrace the countryside you live in~go for a walk and clear your head!

    Goodnight and hope you sleep well, I wish you Peace for tomorrow and always!


  • Thanks Kate .yes dint now half what been though .. take me week more tell u to hun ... If new understand why state ... but good have friend.. Greatful that .. hope you sleep well peace love always one friend to another jill x :)

  • Morning Jill,panic/anxiety in overdrive this morning ,found out the road my son uses to get to work closed due to burst water main ,well as usual off I go in a panic.he just says oh its OK will just use my sat nav + off he went! Been shaking from head to toe,If I'd had any diazipam would have taken it!(he sets off at 7 20) ,anyhow just got text from him 10mins ago to say he got there ok~ he text me every day to let me know he's arrived Oh Jill it will take me all day to settle down!He. goes to his Dads tonight so won't see him til tomorrow afternoon. But as long as he s Ok is the main thing,I worry so much it drives me crazy at times!

    Anyhow hope you are OK and will be in touch later when I've settled down a bit!


  • Hi Kate . Bless ya now feeling was bad today as had doc appointment .how drove self there not sure .. then worry me more .. so still head all spaced out .. bless your son that's gd him hardly hear mine say got there life's to live ... One try do self in been seen doc again on mire pills . Wish I take pills help me but nake self worse am hope your day going better now .. hear u later xx jill x :)

  • Hi Jill ,hope all went well at docs,just wait and see if meds help you!Have felt really tired all day,but always feel that way after bad Panic/anxiety just wish it was 6 o clock and in bath and PJ s. Went to hairdressers this morning so at least my hair looks decent even if I feel rubbish!Forced myself to go tho!

    Seen road my son uses clear now so hopefully I won't be panicking when he s driving home(even tho I wont see him till tomorrow ) I honestly wish I didn't worry so much it just gets out of hand at times! Pleased I only work part time don't think I could handle full time anymore!

    Well I'm pleased to be able to msg you.I know you understand all about worry!

    What did the doc say to you?They shouldn't make you worry more really!I know sometimes its easier for them to dish out meds!

    You did well driving yourself tho even if you didn't feel like it!

    You take care and keep:) Thank you so much for your support!


  • Hi Kate . Was rushed in hospital 2 weeks ago . Had blood tests done twice both lots showed up somth.. They took 3 Rd lot cane back clear so 10 at nite let home ... now ask doc he say don't now which blood went wrong as hospital not told him. . But when blood clots my doc telling g I've clot blood.. so more worried now out head ...soon going get pj's. One min warm next I'm cold ... yes I don't work cos little one but gets lonely when she at school .... . Hope your feeling better now sure son be fine driving now cleared up .. Thanks 4 your support to Kate ... jill x:)

  • Well try not to worry too much! If anything was wrong you d be back in hospital.The way you are feeling is all down to anxiety,its awful! I feel better now have been in bath PJs on and candles lit!I m by myself tonight (besides the cats) so just gonna chill out! Son at his dads OK he text to let me know he d got there!I wish I didn't worry about him so much~and when he goes out with his mates its a nightmare! You enjoy your weekend with your little granddaughter ~ go out and treat yourself to something you deserve it!

    I wish we lived near each other so we could meet up for a cuppa and chat!

    But anyway you take it easy and relax over weekend!


  • Hi Kate sorry late replying pc this site's playing up again .. been bed since 7 30 .. hope nice weekend .. nothing better nice long soak bath relax .. hope you have gd weekend so plsd son let u now safe at his dad's ... wish same didn't worrying 24.7 think most when a sleep to ... yes pity don't live closer been nice chat over cuppa tea .. wondering if be better email each other .... no worries don't just thought jill xx:)

  • Morning Jill,soz not replied last night went to bed round 10ish and then read for an hour or so!As usual awake early tho this is my worst time of day for anxiety! Gonna do some meditation before I get up ~have. got out of the habit of doing it each morning and must admit it does help(you should try it) Well off to shops today food shopl(I might just treat myself to something as well) I love scented candles which can also relax and calm a bit!What are you up to at weekend?Know what you mean about sending msg ~ its OK to e mail me if you want and if that's better !

    Hope your son is doing OK,and you are feeling more settled after your trip to docs!Honestly they shouldn't frighten you!They are there to help not the other way round!

    And especially when you are a worrier!

    Well gonna do some guided meditation before I get up and face the day!I think this is why mornings are so bad for me I worry about what might happen!

    You take care and that your day goes well!

    Kath:-) x

  • Morn Kate woke feel hot then keep going cold .. hate it as lovely sunny day .. In pain my toe. When anixery not so high ever happens got have op on it have job walk sometimes just liein bed hurts feel crap but like u always worse mornings yes what sort medation do u do Kate could be worth me trying .. shall see my son today hopeful he seem better he see his doc yesd got 2 more weeks off work ... but so down it worry me on top hoe am myself ..not sure what do this weekend Kate not much let little one play ganden long nice email be better Kate have job this site .love keep touch now seem we be good friends nice have sone one now how feeling to hope u injoy shopping xx jill xx :)

  • Hi Jill not sure what's wrong with this site but wouldn't let me send reply for some reason!Don't know if it was anything to do with me recommending meditation sites or what!Anyhow hope you are OK and have a lovely time with your son and that he is a bit brighter to day!Have you got my e mail details?think its on this site!Will try again to send this!


  • Hi Kate don't now what's up me today feel cold them face gos on fire .. been out shop's .. son no him self hate to see him lie this at young are still .. yes sure site playing up its gilliancox2@btintenet.com jill xx :).

  • My first reply was longer than this!Don't know what the problem is tho just just cut down the msg


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