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Hi everyone I am not new on this site but haven't been on for soooo long and don't know anyone on here now I would just like to say that I understand how you all feel on here anxiety is so hard to explain to the people you know you feel like your going mad out of your mind I do still suffer from anxiety and always think something is wrong with my health I came on this site and has such help and so many lovely people helped so if anyone needs a chat am here guys xx

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Hi Sheffield

You know me don't you whywhy

I remember you :-)

You sound like you are in a good place & its lovely to see you say hello :-)

Your support will be great on here :-)





HI Sheffield x Cannot recall if we have spoken or not, I have been here for over a year now even thought I recently added the 22 to the Donver lol x But Hi if not. Yes anxiety is a hard one to explain, so hard at times I feel it would be easier to just give someone a book to explain. You should definatly join in and chat more we always like more people to chat to xx Donver x


H there. I only joined a few days ago. You're right, the website is useful. I have something flaring up my anxiety at the moment but when I come on here I am happy to give words of comfort to others and it helps me take my mind off my problems. The community is great here.

Did you suffer from anxiety before? Are you much better now?


Hey, I remember you!!!

It's lovely to hear from you again.

Hope you're doing ok :)



Thanks guys I know I don't know all of you but although I never spoke to some of you the support is always great on here it's good to talk to you all when so many of us on here understand wot each other's going through although I don't get the time to always come on you are always in my heart and on my mind and fade lizard why why n donaf I should hope u ain't forgot me we chatted quite a lot when I was down thanks guys xxx


i am new here and to be honest i feel hopeless. i cant take this anxiety anymore. i feel like i am dying. or have somthing wrong with me other then anxiety. i just wanna sleep all the time and im so so tired. i am having shortness of breath all the time,dizzy,confusion,blurred vision,cant feel my body,always hot,tingly, then times where i am numb,my eyes are sensitive to the light, i just am to scared to leave my house cuz it gets worse..this is a all day every day occurance and idk y... does anyone no if this anxiety or somthing wrong with me..... i am scared and dont no how to cope with this


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