Will These Fears Ever Go Away!!!

It's been a bit since I posted anything. My anxiety is a little better, but I feel as if I'm always on alert. I'm on 75mg of Zoloft a day and the only thing that I really notice is my mind is always indecisive now. I worry all the time that I'm not gonna live long which in turn leads to a feeling of depression. I'm always worrying that God id trying to prepare me for death cause it's on my mind so much!! I find it hard to make any kind of plans cause I feel like I'm telling God I think I'm gonna live while he's telling me no. I just want peace in my heart and mind!!!


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  • Hi rd1208 how long have you been on Zoloft ? They are called sertraline in England and are used to treat anxiety .panic attacks .depression etc.they can take up to 6 weeks to start working.

  • About 10 weeks

  • After 10 weeks you should be seeing a big improvement ? If not perhaps you should try another ? Sometimes people respond better to a different tablet citalopram is another one for anxiety etc.have a word with your Dr and tell them you was hoping to start feeling better by now.

  • I definitely can function now...I couldn't do anything but stare into space at first. My biggest fear is was it really a warning that I'm gonna die soon??😫😫😫

  • rd1208 when my anxiety was really bad I was given this tablet but I refused it as sometimes it can make you feel worse until it get into your system.and believe me at the time I was rock bottom and could not bear to feel any worse .my anxiety was 24/7 day and night couldn't eat sleep to be honest I couldnt function.this lasted for months and months then I read Dr Claire weekes book self help for nerves bought it from Amazon .and this book turned my life around she has helped thousands of people to overcome fear and learn to accept all the symptoms and not to fear them ! Sounds crazy ? But trust me it really does work.I read the book and practised what she said,and week by week and day by day things started to get better and I started to accept the weird symptoms BUT now I didn't fear them I just excepted them.I still have the odd day I have to remind myself its just anxiety .but I'm enjoying life again I'm eating and sleeping and have lots and lots of days with no anxiety.

  • Hi there. It sounds like you are improving. I was like you too in being almost unable to function in the beginning. I can function quite well now but I feel fearful all the time. It was also about dying but not immediate like you but some day so what was the point and what the heck is life all about anyway. Now I just feel a constant fea and tense energy that moves between head, stomach and legs. I carry on in the world but feel constantly afraid. Like you I just want to feel inner peace and happiness. I too get the feelings of depression from the thoughts and feelings. We just have to trust that we will improve and feel better. I've read many references to dr weeks' book and I had it given to me years ago. It is a good book. Hope you find peace soon. Take care.

  • Thank you for replying. I too hope for peace for the both of us. I'm gonna pray for you when I pray too. It's hard always living on edge and being worried everyday. I've never experienced this before that's why it's so strange to me. Take care and I hope you feel so much better soon.

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