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Do you think I have SOD

Hi everyone,

I have been getting pain on my right side wher my gallbladder was. Last year I had a MRI scan and consultant told me I had a thickening on my bile duct but nothing to worry about. I have the pain on and off for about twelve months. Then I started to feel ill six weeks ago and now the pain just won't go away unless I take a pain killer and put a heat pad on it. I feel really sick and have been running to the loo. Keep having sweats also, and sometimes my stomach hurts. I feel worse when I'm hungry. I am going to see a specialist on Tuesday so hopefully he will tell me so something

Does anyone else feel like me?? It's really getting me down!!!

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I am sorry to read you are in so much discomfort , it must make you feel quite anxious but I am pleased you have an appointment to see a specialist next week & they will be able to investigate the problem & put it right , will soon be Tuesday :-)

I don't know if you have looked through the communities on HU , if you drop down the bar at the top of the page where it says " My Communities " it will give you an option that says " Browse Communities " You can see so many different communities that help with just about every condition you may find some answers by browsing through them ...Good Luck x


Thank you for taking time out to reply, I will try that! X


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