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So for the past 10 months I've had a small lump in the back of my head. The lump does grow in size then it does decrease in size. I have no headaches, and no pain. The only pain I have is when I'm getting my hair done and the left side of my scalp does hurt when the hair is pulled. Although it does not hurt when my hair is blow dried, or when being straightened. I went to the Neurologists twice and he did all kinds of tests on me and he just said nothing seems to be wrong and to get an MRI just in case. I haven't got the MRI yet. I went to my primary doctor she wasn't worried about it. I think when I went to the eye doctor I still had the lump but I'm not sure and the eye doctor they didn't find anything wrong. Looking back over the course of the year the only thing that seemed to bother me were my eyes. Sometimes when I would wake up in the morning I would have eye pain that felt like it was coming from the back of my eyes. My eyes felt like they were filled with liquid and pressure so it felt like if I could rub my eyes water would come out. Overall my memory is quite normal, my senses are quite normal, the only thing thats freaking me out is the on and off eye pain (I do wear glasses, I never wear them), the lump thats not going away, and the left side of my scalp that has pain when the hair is being physically pulled (not combed, not blow dried) its a stinging pain. I feel fine overall nothing feels abnormal. I'm not nauseous, I feel fine. My anxiety about it is what freaks me out. And YES I'm scheduling an MRI.

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Pwayman22, have an MRI scan by all means but then stop. Quite rightly you have seen medical specialists about your worries and they say everything is fine.

That's because anxiety doesn't show up in tests and scans and I think that all your health worries are symptoms of anxiety. So stop trying to heal yourself of of symptoms which are simply due to your sensitised nerves playing tricks on you and instead address the cause of your symptoms: anxiety.

If you can give your nerves a rest from fear and the fear of fear and accept that all these annoying symptoms are unimportant then when your nervous system returns to normal they will all be resolved.

So concentrate more on the cause of your symptoms and just accept the symptoms for the time being.


You are completely right Jeff! I am completely without a doubt freaking myself out. I tend to do that. This little situation of mine is really getting to me, and the anxiety about it is getting worse. My brain likes to take things I shouldn't be worried about to the extreme. Thank you so much for your reply!


May I suggest, as I always do, that you will find understanding, reassurance and a road to recovery in the pages of a short book written long ago by Claire Weekes titled 'Hope and help for your nerves' available from Amazon new or used. Your life back for a few dollars!


I need to download this!

I got to test after test for all my weird issues 😒

Good advice!


The lump could be a harmless lipoma, just a small cluster of fat. My son had one in his groin area and was freaked out thinking he had something sinister. He had a bunch of tests that indicated it was a lipoma, very benign. As Jeff said, get the mri if it can provide you with some reassurance, but if it doesn't concern all the medical people you have seen, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.

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when u stop the habit of complaining u will put an end to mental habit of defeatism..u r probing, delving, and analyzing which should only be done by a health professional.


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