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Think positive

Hello, I've worried that I have a heart problem for 3 years now ever since my first missed beat. I had it checked with specialists and nothing to be worried about at all. I've had a bad year with a hip injury and what with me being a worrier still worrying about heart. In the last 3 months I've had the most horrific time thinking I'm dying all the time. Ill be watching tv then suddenly get pain in chest or arm or throat goes tight and I am convinced I am dying! I've seen countless drs been to out of hours 3 times in a month and still I was convinced something was wrong with my heart. I saw a heart specialist today who reassured me that my heart is really healthy. It's hard to accept that it's all anxiety when I'm getting symptoms of a heart attack but I am now receiving help to help me accept and deal with anxiety. I'm wide awake now with random pinchy pains I feel fine in myself I'm just getting random physical things but I have had all tests now do need to reassure myself it's anxiety

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Oh my, I get exactly the same as you! My heart started skipping after an alergic reaction and when my anxiety started. I too have had a monitor fitted after the above episode, 2 ecgs, blood tests and numerous doctors telling me I am fine. I've also been to out of hours on a few occasions. I've been told I'm healthy! But I find it so hard to except. I listen to my heart constantly and worry myself silly!

What I try to tell myself is if it was anything serious

A) they would have found it by now and

B) I probably wouldn't be writing this now as a serious heart defect would have hurt me by now!

You are definatly not alone in this I get the same symptoms, fears and feelings, and they are really hard to fight!

I'd you need a friend please feel free to talk to me anytime, and we should both try to relax we've had the all clear from many drs

Keep me updated

All the best love h2b xx


It's a relief to know I'm not the only one! I was up until 4am with pains in chest and thinking about it all night but I didn't get myself in a state this time. I just ignored it. I've only had this bad for 2 months and now I have had it confirmed that I'm healthy I'm hoping ill be able to ignore it and eventually it will go. Just got to convince myself it's not my heart! We can do this x


Your definatly not the only one, its nice to talk to someone who has the same as me, it is frightening but we have to think positive!

H2b x


Yep, same as me too. It's been about 4 months for me and mine started after my first panic attack. Popping feelings, missing beats, chest pains, strange feelings in my arm, palpitations or just a racing heart, it's so hard to believe that this can all be a product of your mind, but it really is. I spoke to an anxiety specialist after all the doctors and tests, who explained to me how these things can seem random because our brains still respond and produce chemicals that effect the body based on our subconscious as well as our conscious state, even when you think you're doing okay. If somethings been getting to you and sitting at the back of you mind all day or for a while, your brain still responds to that and produces physical effects to tell you something isn't right. The only problem is your worrying, and thats when you get the vicious cycle people talk about. I know it's not as easy as saying just resolve those original issues, but at least once you know these things are just a response in the same way you cry when you're sad, you can almost ignore/accept them making them one less thing to worry about and they'll likely go away faster. Hope this helps.


That's really helpful thank you! I feel that with the confirmation that my heart is ok ill be able to deal with this now. The only reason I was so scared and hate this feeling was because I was convinced it was my heart. Hopefully I will start to becalmer. I need to because my hip problem is worse due to being tense all the time so once I'm calm my hip will start to get better I hope :) xx


ah god its reassuring that i am not the only one i was only at docs last night and he told me everything was fine and also had ecg's bloods and am having one of those monitors fitted in 2 weeks at hospital to re assure me its a horrible and scary feeling when your heart skips or beats fast it got me really concious and the arm and chest pains where awful but doc said its all my muscles tightening i know exactly how you feel luv hope you feeling a little better xxx


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