Worried about diabetes?

I've been concerned about this and like many anxiety sufferers, wanna get this checked but my mom keeps saying I'm worried for nothing. I notice I feel crappy after eating sugar which makes me worried about diabetes. When I say crappy, I mean just gross and yuck.

I don't have any symptoms of diabetes though. And no one has it in my family. (This includes cousins and grandparents and parents and siblings.) I've heard sugar and anxiety are a terrible mix, but can it really do this? I also have hot skin. But it seems to go away if I take a shower.


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  • I have been through anxiety sometime back and I have fully recovered from it. It's all in the mind. All you have to do is keep believing. If you are not a believer, then you have to start believing. The Lord Jesus suffered and died for us so that we may be blessed with great health! Start believing and God will work wonders to it! Have faith and never ever let it go. This is His promise and He stands by His words because He is Holy.

  • Dude, your words are an answer to my prayers. Seriously. Thank you. I believe He's totally spoken to me through you. I know I will overcome this. I have never doubted. Thank you so much :)

  • Obviously the lord chose who he gave great health to. Which in my family was not very many. My sister died three days ago in great pain riddled with cancer. My father the same. My 16 year old niece the same. My daughter has crohns. My grand daughter has chronic asthma. One of my sisters has angina the other two painful arthritis . Brother has heart disease and myself. Panic/anxiety for over 35yrs . I am a good person who does lots of voluntary work to enhance the lives of others. I also raise money for cancer charities so the millions of people who the lord has failed to bless with great

    health will hopefully find relief from suffering from the nurses who are funded by monies collected by people like myself . No one can help you overcome anxiety. The strength lies within yourself.

  • I'm really sorry to hear that. I think we have to understand how does healing happen. The amount of healing we receive it not based on the amount of good works one has done. There are many people whom we call "good/righteous people" are based on what they do in their daily lives. The truth is a person is justified righteous through faith and not by his works. If one has cancer, how much of good works then should a person do to achieve healing. Unless we understand what our Lord Jesus Christ have done on the cross for us, we will nv understand why all these are happening to us. You need to start believing that He has bore all our sicknesses for us on the cross that you may be healthy and whole. Not that He chose whom He like to heal because only those who believe in Him who has suffered and died for us on the cross will see the goodness of God. You need to start believing ya :)

  • That would be very hard to deal with and no person should have to endure that, though I think many good people suffer, Christians included. But I believe God has already given me the tools to overcome this, but only I can initiate it because God gives His children free will. Bad things happen to good people and in result, many believe there cannot be a benevolent Almighty God. But I've known people healed of cancer. My friends mom had terminal cancer and was healed. Faith as large as a mustard seed, the Bible says. I believe in that.

  • Wow , I am so sorry to hear about your family and the pain it must of couse you. I don' believe in God but I am a good person . Never have done anything to harm or hurt others and also have been punished badly . Mother cancer , dad heart problems and myself anxiety and panic attacks. I think a lot is genetic and a lot is our lifestyle choices, live healthy active life and that's the best thing you can do to help yourself.

  • Can I suggest that you should always get new or changing symptoms checked out by health professionals.

  • I don't have the money to go do that every time. If I did, I would have gone 60 times with each new symptom.

  • I'm thinking that you are from outside of the uk. I can only suggest things that I know happen here. Hopefully, someone else might be able to suggest something.

  • Hi, if you go to your local chemist Lloyd's for expletive they can test your sugar levels for you

  • I can't afford it.

  • It's free in Lloyd's pharmacies

  • and tesco's i think.

    your gp will also test it for you if you explain your concerns.

  • I developed diabetes around 12 years ago. I was shocked and afraid because I'd always had good health. I acted positively by eating properly, losing weight, exercising etc. My readings went back into normal range and doctor took me off listed as diabetic. I still don't have to to take meds. Don't fear it, take positive action when dealing with any illness. First is to find out if you are in fact diabetic. Are you in the US? Is this why you can't afford test? Incidentally, I believe we have very powerful minds that can have an effect on our wellbeing, but I don't associate that with any deity.

  • The only thing is that I show no symptoms of diabetes so no one believes me. I'm a healthy weight, always have been. I don't eat bad.

    My nutritionalist gave me supplements to help clear out my system and said that once clean, I may have greater reactions to bad foods now that my system is in check, so I'm wondering if that could be it. I believe our minds can have a great effect on our body, though I do believe In God and the Son of God.

  • What were your symptoms?

  • Unquenchable thirst. Weight loss - 10lbs over a period of a month. I'd had a problem with my skin for some time which i now feel was due to excess glucose in blood. It was out of control, at that point. I was also very stressed, being in middle of my last year of degree course, which didn't help diabetes. Pre-diabetes may not present above symptoms. Blood test is best. Not sure why you think you are insulin resistant. If managed sensibly, you have no need to fear. Many people feel bad after eating too much sugar, especially if they normally have healthy eating habits. It's bad for bodies.

  • I had it tested 7 months ago and it came back fine. As did blood sugar. But I'm not experiencing any of that. I was losing weight awhile ago but I was barely eating due to stress and when I'm stressed, I can't eat. I'm also not getting thirsty or anything.

  • No reason to suspect diabetes. Try and put your concerns aside and live your life.

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