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I'm worried about brain damage


I'm 16 years old.

I used to smoke weed a lot.

Over the summer I started getting anxiety about my heart. I'd worry and worry. And it got bad. (Nothing like it is today though). It was manageable. But now it's full blown Just ugh.

But so I used to smoke a lot. And one day. About the middle of the summer I smoked alone. Maybe 3 grams in one joint. Once I was high I started feeling like my heart was gonna explode. I had a panic attack. I was pacing the room. I had suicidal thoughts for a minute. I just thought I was trapped. I'm worried maybe it was laced with something. I felt normal after it. But now I feel so disconnected from my life. My thoughts seem so far away. I'm dizzy all the time and I really feel like I'm going though the motions. I feel dead inside. Does this sound like I did something to my brain Or just normal reactions to anxiety. I've done research on derealization and depersonalization. My therapist doesn't think it's that. He thinks it's hypoglycemia. I don't think so. I think it's either DR or DP. I'm just worried.


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A lot of smoking making your anxiety worse, you need to stop smoking slowly and start a healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating and exercise.

Oh I know. I haven't smoked since.

The same thing happened to me. I haven't been able to get it to go away yet, right now I'm on some medications. But I'm going to try magnesium tablets because I've heard those can help. Just know that it isn't dangerous, try to go out and do the things you usually do (except for smoking lol that will make it worse).

I've had mild headaches and neck aches too. Idk if you get those. It's just worryin. And I can't sleep and it gets worse when I haven't slept. It's an awful cycle.

Yeah. My neck hurts all the time! I get more of a head pressure than an ache though,

Do you have trouble sleeping. I'll get these head rushes. And and adrenaline rushes As I'm falling asleep. I'll holy awake. It's awful

I used to get those until they put me on Xanax. You can always go to the doctor for a checkup and tell them you're afraid there's something wrong with your brain. They'll do a CT scan and evrything.

Was yours anxiety related?

Yeah, all of my symptoms were from anxiety. They took every test ever.

I don't know what to do anymore. I wake up and feel dead. I'm so numb to everything

I get that to mild annoying headaches often waves idk i already had c scan done it came back normal and im go thru the same your not alone

man i've tried that, i've heard it works for some people but it didn't help me ):

Hes been watching too many of them inbetweeners programmes xxx

I've actually been using marijuana to help me with my anxiety because nothing else was working and I have a sensitive stomach. Smoking 3 grams is a decent amount... you probably just smoked a little too much and had a panic attack. You probably didn't damage anything.

Hi mate. I like you used to smoke a lot of bud. I'm 24 and since I was 20 it was at least three spliffs a day without fail, about 2 grams a day and it was enjoyable. Could laugh to anything or mong and watch movies all day or listen to music. I turned 24 in Sep 2015 and I had some money issues and three days before my birthday my dad had a heart attack, which he survived. From around a week after my birthday those enjoyable highs disappeared, I found myself worrying about money and my dads as well as my own health. I could no longer concentrate if I put a movie on and would just sit there worrying throughout the whole time I was high. I carried on smoking though until New Year's Eve but I could never free myself of worry. As a New Years resolution I said to myself I'm going to detox from weed for the foreseeable future until I was cleansed then would go again in around March. On the 13th of Jan I foolishly picked up a gram and put it all in one zoot. I had a full blown panic attack and basically pulled a whitey or greened out as some say, my vision turned purple and my heart was thumping, I really thought I was on the verge of a heart attack and rang for an ambulance. It took them around seven minutes to get to me and by that time by heart no longer felt it was going to explode out my chest and could see normally again The paramedic could smell weed and asked if I smoke it regularly, I said yes for around four years but had gone 13 days clean. He said I lost my tolerance to it in that time and that was the reason for it. To smoke 3 grams I'm surprised you didn't pass out but honestly it was just because you smoked too much and lost some tolerance. I felt really anxious for around three days after believing in my mind I was having chest pains but I really wasn't. I haven't smoked it since that day and the anxiety of worrying about money and my own health as well as my dad's has pretty much gone. Not saying don't smoke weed again but you said you used to smoke a lot. It is just the tolerance that you need to rebuild so go easy if you do smoke again maybe start at 0.25 gram and gradually build up.

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