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Diabetes? Anxiety?!!

I've really been thinking I have diabetes lately.. It's got me all worried that I've been looking up symptoms on Google which I shouldn't be doing.... I checked my blood sugar this morning and it was 95 but about mid day.. After some food..and some chocolate..... It was 177 which scared me. I know it's probably just my anxiety feeding all this.. But idk. And I've felt weak and tired all day

If I have diabetes would it have showed up in the multiple blood test I've had done?

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Hi sunshine002, On a positive note, 95 blood sugar in the morning is within normal range. Don't let 177 after having food and chocolate scare you. That's why blood sugar is always drawn in the morning bef. eating. On a negative note, you already know that you shouldn't be on Google, it just drives your anxiety up.

If you are still concerned, always see your doctor and have him test you and explain your readings. How is it that you are able to take the test? Did you purchase the kit?

My dear, your post title says it all..... you are confusing yourself and causing more anxiety.

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My step dad has a glucometer that I borrowed. I know I need to stop searching symptoms. Seems like I can't quit worrying about every little thing

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Ah, I see. You're not alone in researching your symptoms. It's just a bad idea in that it doesn't help to think you might have something that you don't.

Seeing your doctor regularly for a physical should suffice unless something unusual comes up in between. Becoming your own doctor can cause a lot of unnecessary grief, believe me. Been there, done that. :)


Thank you for your reassurance 🙂


I second that, hope you are feeling a little calmer about it. I know the anxiety kicks in and you feel like it must be something else, something worse, something dangerous... Actually I think anxiety itself feels like that.

Oh yes and don't get me started on Dr Google.... also some forums as well. This one is great and health unlocked is good in general, but exploring online I have come across some real whack-doodles giving advice!


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