Worried about my Cat!!

Hello...My name is Leanda. I have never really suffered with Anxiety growing up, until I began a new job a few years ago, which was very stressful. I was only there for a few months, luckily, but during my time working there, I was diagnosed with mild depression with the odd anxiety/panic attacks. I got another job, and my anxiety and low moods were lifted. I then got another job a few years later, which triggered the anxiety again. I was prescribed Propranolol medication which I think did help (even if it was working as a plecebo). I have since left and strated my career in Animal care, which makes me very happy. I thought I was fine and finally happy with my career setting off etc, until one of my beloved cats, Loki, died last week. I found him in the lounge, he was already gone, and he was only 3 years old. Anybody who knows me knows how much I adore my pets, more than most of my family members I'm afraid. Since then, I have been really struggling with my anxiety, constantly worried about my other cat. It's keeping me up at night and affecting my work. I don't know what to do to help me get through this. This is why I have joined today, and I am looking for someone who has maybe been in a similar situation to me.

Thank you


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8 Replies

  • Hello

    Sorry about the loss of your cat , this must be most upsetting , but anyone that looses someone they love if it be human or animal it can be a normal grieving process to start to fear you will loose something or someone else you love

    Is there anyone close you can talk to ? maybe someone at work about how you are feeling , talking and getting out how we feel can be a huge help

    Maybe talking with your Doctor would be a good idea , it could be that going on medication for a short while may help :-)

    If you can accept that how you feel is normal and your anxiety is creating it then that also can take away the pressure rather than trying to fight it and believing it is ok to feel this way even if irrational ,but once you have got over your grieving it will get better

    I hope if you continue to feel anxious you will make sure you speak to your Doctor :-)

    Take Care x

  • Hello

    Thank you for your reply :)

    I have spoken to lots of people about it and does help, but it just does not lift the anxiety I feel about my cat. I have payed a hell of alot of money to get him (Rufio) checked out and according to the vet, he's in good health.So i'm sure he will be fine but my anxiety is from the fear of finding him, exactly how I found my other cat. I guess I am still a little traumatised from it all!

    I think maybe a doctor would be a good idea if the anxiety does not ease off, or perhaps a therapist!

    Thanks again :)

  • Hello

    I am pleased you have had him checked out and the vet will be right he will be in good health :-)

    I think a therapist would be a brilliant idea to maybe start seeing as usually our fears stem from somewhere and they can help us find out where that somewhere was and then learn to deal with it :-) x

  • So sorry you are dealing with the stress of losing a cat. For me I find that any small amount of stress can trigger anxiety for me. I think it will take some time to heal from your loss. What was wrong with the cat? Hang in there!

  • He had a heart murmur but my partner and I were told it was nothing to worry about. He was very wrong :(

    Thank you :)

  • have you looked at this site


    it may give you some ideas.

    You may also find this post useful/interesting


  • No I will have a look at that, thank you :)

  • sometimes think that the grief associated with the loss of a pet can be worse than loosing a family member because we invest so much of ourselves in them and it's like losing a part of our own character and personality. Give yourself time.

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