Worried about Son

Hi , no idea why I am posting on here - just looking for some reassurance really - have severe health anxiety which is usually focused on me and getting some incurable disease usually cancer however I'm currently worried sick about my 12 year old son - he had what I thought was a really bad virus , which eventually has started to improve with 2 lots of antibiotics, however 2 weeks on although his fever and night sweats have stopped he's still weak and pale , he lost 5 pounds with his infection but has put back 2 on since starting to eat again , I was worried about leukaemia but as he was improving I decided it was just a bad virus - however yesterday he had a little bump on his knee and today his whole bottom leg is bruised - I'm totally freaking out so much I feel sick and am having palpitations, dr google has totally freaked me out - again ! Do you think I should be really worried ?! I have rung the doctor but still waiting for a reply , arrrgh , I hate health anxiety - every symptom I or someone I love gets makes me think the worst , it's so stressful 😔


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  • I think you should take him to the Er

  • Don't think it's worthy of a trip to a/e but definitely waiting to see what dr says , thanks

  • most likely this is a post viral situation - the weakness can persist for some time. His weight is increasing, temperature settled, only one bruise and that was related to injury, so this does not sound worrying.

    I would suggest waiting and monitoring what happens. There's a perfectly good explanation for all his symptoms and he is getting heavier again, so why look for another diagnosis? (unless he doesn't continue to improve)

  • Thank you that's a very ( much needed for me at the moment ) sensible approach, that's kind of what I was looking for - my mind is my worst enemy continually, doctor hasn't phoned back so I guess they aren't that concerned either , thank you again

  • Yes that is exactly how my anxiety is, my daughter is going through some health issues and I assumed the worst, how will I ever be able to help her if my anxiety doesn't stop

  • Does he recall doing anything to cause a bruise?

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