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Should I be worried?! Help!


I have mild anxiety- keep thinking too much and scared.

Anyway recently this week I've noticed that I feel bit sick and don't want eat breakfast but I have to force myself to eat it, also when I eat it, didn't enjoy to eat it and it make my throat like going to throw up. The reason I want to eat breakfast to avoid lost weight. I don't have any problem with lunch sometimes but fine and eat dinner. No problem

with drinks. Maybe my worries about brain tumour affect my eating in morning? Nurse reassured me that I don't have brain tumour as I was worried about feel something or tiny bruise or pressure on the right side of head but behind the ear. Is it anxiety make me think that?

I'm worried! :-(

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From past experience anxiety can make you feel things like that it builds up tension should be nothing to worry about though if your nurse had reassured you (I know easier said than done)... In the past I never ate breakfast I think it was more down to the fear of the day ahead and I felt the same as you do. Fine by lunch and even better by dinner. My mum would always say your not leaving until you've eaten breakfast so I had to force myself to eat but see even having something in your stomach if you are going to be sick does kinda help. Will give you energy.Try eating things that go down easy like possibly yoghurt or something like that or a banana something like that.

Hope this helps a bit ... :/

Hey minnie,

im no doctor so if you have something that you are worried about its off to the doctors for you, but anxiety will make you believe you have some awful illnesses, and will also give you a lack of appetite, your doing the right thing by continuing to eat breakfast, even though you dont feel like it, if you have anxiety its important to get some sugar in you in the morning, or by 10-11 your anxious feelings can be worse. good luck minnie VV

Ok thank you! I've just throw up 3 times and saw some clear mucus come out with porridge, I always get lots mucus from my throat and wonder it might be the reason why I don't want eat breakfast? I still have mucus when I blow my nose but its not a cold, just see through clear thick mucus and maybe I got those in my throat pipe and stomach that makes me feel sick? I know I should believe my nurse as she promised me that I don't have brain tumour but anxiety winding me up!

Is it anxiety that cause tension or feeling something in my right side of head behind the ears? I had it on & off for 2-3 weeks, maybe cos I never stop thinking? Am I right its not brain tumour? X

Vincent.... Always go doctor to reassure myself but I have to learn to not go too much cos it won't help with anxiety. I always eat late breakfast between 10-11? Maybe I try eat yoghurt & fruit for breakfast and see how it goes?

Am I right that nurse had reassured me that I don't have brain tumour and I should listen her and believe I don't have it? How you do it? I want to stop worrying about brain tumour.


It will possibly be bile it happens to me when you've not ate or ate a bit it comes up and you can get tension headache or tension build up due to stress are you worrying about any thing in particular ? Or is there any thing else thats going on that may cause you to worry Or are you worried about just your health in general? If you aren't happy with your health I'd go back to the doctors and get a second opinion if they say the same then u know its just you anxiety. It's hard when you feel like this. Sometime you just can't make sense of the feelings. mine come back different all the time.

It's hard trust me I know... I think you've worried yourself over brain tumour i mean I'd be the same but if your nurse has reassured you then it must be ok.... If your still worried I'd go back and say exactly how you feel what is I meant in the last post tension may have came because you we're stressed at say work or stuff ?


Maybe will tell nurse about it tomorrow.... I only worry about brain tumour and I don't have painful headaches or anything else only bit bruise or tiny pressure on my right side of head behind the ears, I've told nurse and she said its def not brain tumour as she did said I can promise you 1,000 times so I have to believe her. Since gastric stomach flu about 1 month ago had changed my anxiety and left me worrying but before that I was fine and only worry in health general that's all. Don't have problem of falling asleep and still go out but its my anxiety that made me worry about it. I'm having a counselling (CBT) and should see counsellor after Xmas as I'm on waiting list since 3rd dec and they said 6-8 week waiting list


I'm not working cos I'm deaf and been applied lots of jobs and never get sucessful with it, but my husband is working as a self employer. My nurse did reassured me ever time I see her and she promised me couples of times even my parents in law, husband & family. I had a eye test about a month ago and the optician said everything look good in my both eyes but slightly changes with vision cos I'm getting older and had a new stronger glasses and he said there is no signs of brain tumour because eye test can detect any illness.

Do you worry about health? Xx

Nic567 in reply to Minnie12

I'd defo tell her how your feeling especially the anxiety ..: I was on a waiting list for what seamed like a year as well it was useless. but once you do see them after a couple of sessions it gets better you have to keep working at it. Yeah eye test are great for detecting illness. It is a worry if someone says you haven't yet u still fell something you just have to reassure your self you are fine if all tests have came back clear then you are in working order as they say..... it's hard I know but it gets easier it will get easier with councillor ect . I worry about everything and anything it changes all the time. But is mostly about health. I tend to keep everything inside.

Take care xx

Of course but I'm on waiting list since 3rd dec this year and told me I will see a counsellor within 6-8 week from 3rd dec so won't be long til I get help from CBT counselling but don't want to go on tablets as its like block you feeling and buried in which is no good, I rather to get everything out of my chest, get their help and focus on it also I'm on magnesium which help a bit especially chamomile herbal tea before bed! I will have to believe my nurse that I don't have brain tumour and have to remind myself that I'm fine and its just anxiety! Xx

Hey Minnie,

its never just anxiety minnie, anxiety is a powerful illness, though, im pretty sure that if those in the medical profession are telling you that you are ok then you must try to except this. i went through a patch where i thought i had everything, after i was told i didnt have one thing i moved on to another illness but it was all in my mind. i think the cbt might be really good for you, best wishes minnie, keep writing messages if it helps, no one here can or will judge you, no one is ever without any health problems at all, but some are not there and we put them there, like when people say dont read the side effects VV x ps im gonna try the herbal tea x

Anxiety will make you think of a lot of things going in in your mind, I was afraid to go to sleep because I thought I was not going to wake up. I did not want my husband to get out of my sight knowing that he had to go work. I would be sitting on the dr office step every morning for two weeks hoping they could help me. I ask him to admit me to the hospital an check me out. He did but could not find anything wrong with me but my nerves. Iam on disability now from this stuff. But God has brought me from a long ways. So now I just deal with it. It comes an goes.

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