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Hi, I'm 17 years old and have anxiety. Over the past couple of days I've been getting weird feelings. First one is hot flushes in my face and head and the second one is feeling hungry even though I've eaten a normal amount of food. Everything I google says they are symptoms of anxiety but then other sites say things from diseases to diabetes? I don't really know what to do other than worry. If anyone can relate or has any advice that would be amazing. Xx


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  • Firstly, never Google your symptoms. What could be a simple rash from a bad reaction to laundry detergent will come up as a life-threatening illness on all different health websites.

    Secondly, yes those are both very normal physiological symptoms of anxiety. Changes in appetite are common among many mood disorders and the hot flushes in your face could be from the fact that your heart rate increases with anxiety, which causes more blood to go to your extremities, and therefore reddens your face.

    I hope this helps.

  • Thank you so much! This is the best information and advice I've ever got.

  • Hi, maybe a trip to doctors might be in order, because he can give you blood tests etc to rule out anything physical first, then when thats out of the way you can look into the anxiety. X

  • Well I've had blood tests in the past and different types of tests and all have come back clear. So it does lead me to thinking in over reacting. X

  • I can relate to both. Especially the hunger one.

  • It's really helpful knowing I'm not the only one! I'm just worried I'm going to eat too much and put on weight

  • I can tell you that you will unless you're able to explore the feelings of hunger a bit more and keep some healthy eating habits. I keep brocolli or veggies on deck to snack on because I'm always hungry.

  • Ok thank you! I'll definitely start snacking on healthy food

  • Mysticnova, please learn from my experience. Im old enough to be your grandmother. Please get one and only one general physical. You will be reassured of any and all scientific results. At 17 you must find outside interests and get busy with your life. Start by doing anything you can that is nice for people lest fortunate than you are. Read to the blind, ask if anyone needs you to help them do anything. Get your attention outside of yourself. If there is an old folks home, a nursing home, a dog.pound, and old neighbor whom.you dont know, bake cookies and deliver them..please do not sit on your computer and focus inside yourself. Think about what you can do to make someone, anyone's life better TOMORROW. And then the day after that. Love, Indigo

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