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Hi everyone well I am little bit confused I have dizziness for 2 yearsand bbreathing problems I had MRI ENT everything came normal I had low iron level I start drinking vitamins it helped little bit for my breathing problems. Now gp find that I have low level of b12 could it be a reason of my dizziness?? Because I can not walk this much dizzy every day.. and I seen people talking about injection of b12 and some people about tablets witch is better injection or tablets??

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Yes, low B12 could make you feel this way. Also check your Magnesium and Vitamin D. Get the nutriants that your body is asking you for. Also check SCM muscle, it's a muscle in your neck that can make you feel this way.


Thanks for the answer at least I have some hope now that I might be okay after vitamins b12.. they took my mood for many different things I don't even know how to call them and all vitamins I didn't see a doctor yet after my results I seen my go receptionist she told me about low level of b12 and I had before less iron so after having iron tablets my breathing problems fixed. I still do have but much more better... because been two years I can't even walk myself today at home by sitting I couldn't even walk till other ro looks like falling down.. so hopefully b12 will help me with my dizziness and I will be able to do something. ..


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