I am 16 years old. Ever since I was little I suffered panic attacks and dizziness. I started seeing a doctor and I was told it was hormones. Whilst carrying on with my life at the thought it was hormones they were becoming hard to deal with. I revisited the doctor explaining that this wasn't hormones... I feel constantly dizzy and that I'm on a boat all the time, I fear large places such as supermarkets and shopping centres as it is to overwhelming. I get dizzy spells were this dizziness with get extremely bad which leads to hyperventilating and a panic attack. With explaining this to the doctors they said I had anxiety. I didn't possibly think that anxiety causes this sort of thing. I feel completely alone and depressed I want to know if I'm not alone ...


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  • I feel like you Nridley25, and it's called agarophobia, look it up when you have time, abd mention it to your doctor, are maybe you need to see another doctor.

  • Thankyou, this means a lot x

  • You are very much welcome

  • Hope you get well soon :)

  • Thanks, and the same to you !!!

  • Thankyou

  • I have dizziness and off balanced problems to hun.... I have several post on here about it..... It's definitely the symptom that keeps me stuck with anxiety

  • Thankyou!! I appreciate it

  • Same exact thing here. I think hormones def play a part since around that time of the month the rocking gets a lot worse. I am currently trying a medication that is supposed to help.

  • I hope it works.. doctors are no use

  • those symptoms are an everyday thing for me. And it SUCKS! It's constant. It used to come and go and I'd have good and bad days, but now it's always there. No good days.

  • Yes! That's exactly me!! Just want an answer as to why this is happening

  • I've had all kinds of tests, been to all kinds of doctors and specialists....I've been diagnosed by 2 of the dr's with anxiety. The feeling of being off balance is terrible. Like I can't walk straight. Sometimes my legs get very weak too. I heard this is from the dizziness. I take Meclizine for the dizziness, which helps, and xanax for for anxiety. But I don't like living like this. I rarely drive anymore for fear of getting an anxiety attack in public and freaking out from it. I get so damn scared of those anxiety attacks! Especially when I can't get my heart to stop beating so damn hard and fast! I feel so useless cuz it's hard to get involved with anything or anyone, when you're feeling this way. I can't talk to anyone about it because they all say 'you look fine'. Yea, I look fine, but I feel like shit! It's an illness nobody can see so nobody understands what the hell I'm talking about. Just ranting.....

  • It's the same honestly I know exactly how you feel, MRI scans to ENT doctors and all they said it was anxiety, they gave me propranolol which didn't do anything at all. They gave me therapy which was a waste of my time. I can't even leave the house anymore because I just get anxiety attacks everywhere.. feeling like this makes you not want to live anymore.. such a terrible feeling ☹️

  • wasted my time with vestibular therapy for 8 weeks! Nobody found anything at all so they diagnosed me with anxiety. MRI came up with nothing, blood tests nothing, endocriology dr said it wasn't hormones but I did have hyperthyroid but these symptoms weren't coming from thyroid. I was so distraught that no dr's could find anything i started going to a psychiatrist once a week. That DID help.

  • When the doctors told me I had anxiety they discharged me from hospital and they didn't do anything further.... NOT A NICE FEELING !! I jut want this gone

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