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I have been suffering with anxiety for 6 months now!

I am not on any medication because i worry so much about side effects.

I get symptoms everyday but the one symptom that bothers me a lot is the dizziness!

Is there anyway i can reduce the dizziness?

Also could the dizziness be from an ear problem, i went on a flight 6 month ago and i had a cold. Since then i have ringing in my left ear which usually lasts 10-30 mins a time!

I have been to the drs but the oils for my ear doesn’t seem to work!!

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If it's been awhile since the doctor saw you, may need to go back and see if you have an ear or sinus infection, or "crystals' formed by natural elements in your ear may need to be repositioned with physical therapy where your head is placed in different positions to move them a bit. My sister had this problem. Best wishes to resolving your health issue.

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Thank you, I’ll book another appointment and see if they can sort me out this time because this ringing in my ear is crazy!

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I struggle with dizziness too a lot! The biggest thing is to not let it worry you because that’ll make it worse. When this happens learn a technique that makes you completely relax and maybe sit down and lay for a minute still, and talk yourself down. Remember that it’s a common anxiety symptom and that you are okay. You’re more than welcome to message me if you need to! ❤️

Thank you so much I really appreciate your reply!🤗

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Yeah I’ll have to book a drs appointment. Yes the side effects really put me off having the pills.


Many years ago I had major depression mixed with anxiety . I was always dizzy along with a host of symptoms . I felt awful I didn't really live cause I was so sick and every illness I got weather the flu or a cold I felt worse than the average person and It lasted longer . I was dizzy,and lightheaded , exhausted , headaches, blurry vision , just awful. This was my life.

After a lot of tests and running to all kinds specialist . The diagnoses was depression mixed with anxiety. I went to a few different psychiatrists they all suggested an antidepressant . I was frightened of medication, like you I didn't like the side effects. A year later I set up an appointment with another psychiatrist that came highly recommended . He was very expensive and did not take insurance, but I had no life. I was so sick, so I paid the high price that felt like million dollars to me cause at that time in my young life I was so broke. After having a long consultation he recommend an antidepressant, and again I told him I was afraid, this time he explained it was because of my anxiety I was afraid too try it. He told me that he would be available for me anytime and when I called he would call be back in 20 minutes. So I decided to try them. I experience in the being nervousness , more dizziness, and weird. I called him and he said to ignore the symptoms and stay on them and don't go off that the symptoms was a sign something positive was happening. He said " Don't go off and stay with it " I trusted him came so highly recommend. Than about 8 weeks later I woke in the morning a new person as if I was born for the first time. All my dizziness was gone, I had energy , and I felt such a well being. The world looked different. The grass was greener, the sky was bluer and I was happy for the first time in my life and I haven't looked back since I don't know where I would be today had I never tried medication but I needed a psychiatrist that held my hand so to speak though the ordeal. I never experience any side effects from the medication.

May I ask which med you take?

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I am not on any medication.x

jennifer1983, you wrote the perfect story for so many of us who are afraid to take the meds. My doctor told me the same thing. My anxiety prevented me from taking a little pill. How wonderful for you. thanks for such a great story.

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Did you go on medication on the end?

I’m more worried about having side effects that make you want to kill yourself or having side effects that make you hallucinate or have that ‘out of it’ feeling :(

Thank you for sharing your story with me, yeah i just worry about the medication that can cause you to want to kill yourself. What medication are you on?

I am glad the meds helped you get your life back! Id do anything to get my life back as im sick of having anxiety symptoms everyday!

I appreciate you replying to me and sharing your story so thank you!x

Don't let people scare you from trying meds..you'll find many different experiences out there..I tried Prozac and the start up was a little rough..I also tried Zoloft and had no side effects..my wife is an emergency room nurse and was under alot of stress when my dad passed and her dad almost died. She was put on Zoloft and helped from the start. Good luck

Omg I could of written this post. 2.5 years ago I went on flight with the cold. My left ear was in agony when plane was landing and to this day doesn't feel right. I've been to ent who tell me my ears are fine.

Do your ears crackle when you swallow? X

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It’s horrible isn’t it?

I had very bad pain landing i could have cried! There isn’t any pain now just a lot of ringing in my left ear & if i yawn my ear seems to block a little.

Yeah it does crackle sometimes!

My drs keep giving me oils but they don’t help.

Is your ear better now?x

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No better x

Have the same now for about seven months. My ears do ring sometimes. I have the being on a boat sensation mostly at all times but some days better than others. I do get very tired and a headache with it. I really have to see an ENT although it may be a side effect of my meds. I really hate this feeling and it does also make me nauseous at times.

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Its a horrible feeling isn’t it?

I am not on medication yet so I’m not sure if its the anxiety causing it or if it is down to an ear problem that the drs aren’t picking up!

I’ll have to book another appointment and ask them if they can do some more checks.

Thank you for the reply x

Has anyone ever suggested vestibular migraines to You? This can give you that on the boat feeling 24/7. You may need to see a neurologist rather than ENT, or a neuro- otologist. Good luck!

I agree. I do get migraines with this dizzy feeling all the time.

Anxiety about taking anti anxiety meds is just another symptom of anxiety. If you can heal yourself yhrough talking therapies and self help reading that's the route to go. But if your anxiety becomes overwhelming meds are the right thing to do. If you have a headache you take a paracetomol. If you have diabetes you take insulin. If you have glaucoma and you're going blind you take timilol. If you have anxiety you take a setraline or whatever. Too many people start taking meds and they're expecting side effects, they've read the huge list of possibilities. In fact very, very few people really experience side effects, the rest imagine them because they're expecting them.

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Thank you for the reply Jeff, I really appreciate it!

You are right, people do take medication for all different reasons.

Yes i think anxiety makes me think more about the side effects when i could try them and get my life back!

I will make a drs appointment soon and see if there’s something i can try before considering medication.

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For a couple of £$ on Amazon you can buy a new or second copy of Claire Weekes' 'Self help with your nerves' it's many years old but as you can see from the Amazon readers reviews it's life changing.

MY first medication I started was Paxil, I was on Paxil for 10 years. My son is also on a antidepressant medication. He started, at the age 11 , He also started with anxiety symptoms. For him like me started after puberty which is the usual age it will start if you have the propensity to have anxiet and depression. He had trouble not wanting to go to school. . He had fear issues and even stomach problems. I also saw depression in him as well, but because of my own experience with anxiety and depression. I took him to see my psychiatrist . He was prescribed prozac , and he had no negative side effects. None !!!! . It was about two months or longer, I will never forget it and it was one of the happiest days in my life when I saw him walking up the drive way to our home and he said to me " Mommy I felt happy for no reason at school today " From that day on he changed so much, for the better. He was more social. He wanting to get involved in activities in school. He was a happy child living with no anxiety He's now in his 30's and extremely successful and I truly believe had it not been for me getting him help and him starting on an antidepressant he would not have gone so far in his life.

I hear a lot of negative stories on line from people having horrible experiences from antidepressants. . My feeling are I believe there were doctors out their who gave antidepressants out like candy to people who didn't really need them. Perhaps they were people who were going though divorces and other stresses in life they could and should have worked out without being medicated. I believe those folks should not have been prescribed a antidepressant and other instants as well. But for those who suffer everyday with physical symptoms of anxiety and depression and who has a difficult time functioning in life. Yes, those folks could benefit from a antidepressant medication. That is my honest opinion. I know for some who first start with an antidepressant they could experience weird sensations in their head and feeling very nervous , but that is all normal and that is a sign it's working, even if it's just headaches, you know it's doing something and sometimes you feel worse before you feel better and thank God I had a good psychiatrist that told me to stick it out and ignore the symptoms cause if it were any other doctor I would have discontinued the medication and who knows what would have become of me, I am also sensitive to medications. For insistence my husband became depressed after quitting smoking for over 3o years he became depressed and he wasn't even aware of it, but I noticed it, he was more tired after work and did not have the energy like he did before and appeared down to me, I told him that he may benefit from an antidepressant, but he did not want to go on any medication but a year later I insisted he just tried it. He did and he experienced nervousness and headaches on the medication and he also wanted to discontinue the medication but because of my experience I told him to stick with it so he did and within a month or so he felt so much better and now has his energy back and more himself. So here is a few personal stories with antidepressants. Like my psychiatrist said to me . " It's your anxiety that is preventing you from giving it a try. " My suggestion to you, is if you come to the decision that you will give it a try ... Only go to a well train doctor in the field like a psychiatrist,. But keep in mind, there are some psychiatrists that will give you the antidepressant and send you on your way until your next appointment a month later and no where around when you need them, or they take days before calling you back and that would never have worked out for me and I feel with someone like you who has a lot of anxiety you'll need a psychiatrist that will be assessable to you and unfortunately the only psychiatrists around here where I live NYC are VERY expensive but for me it was worth every penny cause he saved me and my son's life. Now that it's been 30 years for me that I've been on a antidepressant , now I have my GP prescribe my antidepressant cause I am rock solid stable for years now. But I don't know where you live and just perhaps in your area the psychiatrist are less expensive but in NYC Good luck finding a good psychiatrist without spending a fortune for a good one.

I wish you all the very best of health. You deserve to have a good life without fear and anxiety !!! For life is so short !! For me I got so sick and to a place where I just had to try something to function normally. All my best wishes for you

Thank you so much for sharing your story with me! I really appreciate it.

Yeah i think i fear the side effects to much but i want my life back so think I might have to think really hard about trying some anti depressants.

I’m glad they helped you & your son!

I am so grateful for your reply!

I will definitely speak to my dr again!x

HI NewUserx,

You are very welcome , Please remember when you first start a antidepressant it can be very trying, meaning you can have all kinds of Side effects the first few weeks like I did, like dizziness, or lightheadedness, feeling wired in the head , headache among others and this is normal so try and stick it out because those symptoms do disappear and sometimes you can feel worse before feel better. That happened to me however, not for the psychiatrist I had, I would have discontinued the medication because of all the uncomfortable side effects and would have been sick for the rest of my life and who knows what would have become of me. I was so sick !!! My psychiatrist held my hand ( for a lack of a better word ) He got me though weeks of very uncomfortable symptoms telling me not to go off until the 8 weeks was over and than we would decide where to go from there. People like you and me that are fearful and has lots of anxiety needs a doctor who will work closely with them and be available. . Not a doctor who will toss a perception at you and say. " see you at your next appointment " Also keep in mind, the antidepressant may not be a fit for you. BUT, Be patient !!! Although it's possible like me and my son the first antidepressant we tried worked, that could be you well. I know someone it took three tries before finding the right fit. Now she feel's great and living without anxiety . But if you do decide to try a antidepressant, stick it out for the long run. If and when you decide you are going to give it a try, you can reach out to me and I can give you some support while going though the transition, that's only if you want. I started my first antidepressant when I was 38 and now Im 58 so I have some experience with them. So Good Luck, I feel it's worth a try, just my opinion for what ever it's worth. I will pray for you.

This could also be due to vestibular migraines or another vestibular disorder. Doctors typically do not recognise these and like to fob us off with anxiety. There are several helpful Facebook groups if you want more information and support. Also look up the VEDA website.... Good luck

Thank you! I’ll look it up!x

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