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Dear all,

It seems like dizziness is the most common complaint from people who suffer from anxiety. I have experienced it myself on many occasions but I need your help to clarify something for me.

Recently, (for months I’d say) I have been feeling weird...it’s difficult to explain but it’s not a classic dizziness. My head feels heavy and I feel as if I just got off a rollercoaster. It’s not vertigo as nothing around me isn’t spinning. When I am in a shop or trying to avoid people on a busy street (the biggest flaw of Christmas time) I get that spinning feeling without anything actually to spin!!! So....this makes me worry that it might be something serious (brain cancer of course as this is the first thing we jump to😂). Or, another comparison would be as if I was drinking....Do you guys have that? Sometimes it happens when I am not anxious but I think I’m chronically anxious now so this might be it, I think. Please share your experiences....I’d appreciate it :) xx

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Hi Masyanya, I have had this before, along with the same worries! So I feel your pain xx Mine can last for days, and I think I may also have chronic anxiety as I don’t feel anxious as such.

I’m currently suffering with a ringing ear and a white spot in my eye, which is scaring the life out of me! Which has happened after the dizziness. Just great!

I hope this helps xx

Hi Masyanya. I have had that exact feeling for years, and the sad thing is thst my doctor don't understand. I have been talking B vitamin and Magnesium, and it has helped a little.

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teemo1 in reply to valachia-t

I've just started taking Magnesium, along with a supplement called True Calm. It definitely seems to help take the edge off...

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valachia-t in reply to teemo1

I am goung to try true cslm. Thamnks for mentioning it

I know what you are talking about. This last week I’ve had a headache that comes and goes and my head feels weird. I feel like just weird. It’s hard to exolain

I have the same kind of dizziness when I'm anxious. It seems to be a very common symptom of anxiety.

It definitely happens to me.. and very often. Mostly when I’m out and about!

Am struggling too with dizzines since 2015 till now I have tried everything nothing works and mine is 24/7 but this year it has decreased but it doesn't stop I walk with a stick I have fear that I will be like this for the rest of my life

I have this feeling almost 24/7. Definitely gets worse when anxious... Hoping SSRI's will help

I can relate. Dizzy with head fullness sensation and headaches for a little over 2 months.

It happens daily. I've been on zoloft for 5 weeks....doesn't seem like it's helping the dizziness,

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