weird dizziness???

So I've been experiencing this weird dizziness that is really scary and super had to explain but I'm going to try with the hopes someone can help me. Okay so,It's like I'm falling sideways or something. The world is spinning without me and I'm about to plummet. It's like when you dream you're falling and it jerks you awake. I can usually shake it off or deal with it without people noticing but I had a bad one a few weeks ago. It freaked my neighbors 3 year old out. It's like I'm out of it. Feels like I could pass out. As if my body is trying to knock me out. It's like the world Is pulsing out of view/focus. Like I am slowing leaving. Things are getting farther and farther away. That doesn't even feel like the correct explanation, but it's all I have. Please help.


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  • God Nooo.....I am from India.. I have same....Like if we go to doctors and if we go through all the tests they simply say it's nothing.... But we always think why to me god..... And really You know it's nothing when you feel like that close your ears and eyes and feel jesus or who ever the god or parents or peaceful thing and walk away from that place go to some park or restaurant... My friends ask me a question why u don't stay at an particular place.. i reply like earth..;-)

  • Do you feel like the light are dim or maybe you are underwater (but not wet)?

  • Maybe? I don't know. I try to notice as much as I can from it each time it happens so I'll be on alert from that.

  • You've just described the symptoms I've experienced, almost identical really, I'm much better though these days, but.can honestly say that the dizziness and feelings of possible fainting etc were definitely the scariest symptoms I'd experienced, so I can totally relate to how you feel, once I'd been given all clear from blood tests etc I took myself on a journey of discovery to understanding anxiety and how it manifests etc, this has been aided by medication and anxiety therapy, I've learnt so much, I read books and spent time on youtube for extra reassurance that I wasn't alone with this illness, knowledge, understanding and then acceptance has been my way forward, consider a visit to your gp first to get checked over, then take it from there, your not alone, xxx

  • I have had the same for yrs and was put through every test going. IT went away but came back with a vengeance this year. I saw a locum doctor who checked my records. She noticed that I hadn't had a neck x-ray. She sent me for the x-ray which found that I had mild osteoarthritis in my neck joints. I am now on medication that has started to slow the bouts of dizziness for me.

  • Oh gosh, I'm so sorry! What exactly is that? Are there other symptoms of that?

  • Hi Joe. What medication are you taking for the osteoarthritis. I too have vertigo and some type of arthritis and swelling in my neck and shoulders. I am currently in therapy.

  • Do you drink a lot of water? You might be dehydrated. Try drinking the appropriate amount of water for a couple of weeks. It might sound like a simple solution but sometimes that's all we need.

  • Ya, I drink so so much water. I don't really drink anything else. Thank you though.

  • No problem...I'm actually going through a bout of dizziness myself. I'm trying not to freak out about

  • hey, I hear that.

  • Hmmm sound like vertigo . They have some excersises for it . I do get dizziness when abt to sleep . Thats worst than what you are feeling .. be safe :)

  • They told me the dizziness comes from your breathing either over or under breathing ...

  • I feel this same thing and have for a few years now. my therapist says it is a common side effect of panic disorder. it's incredible hard to work and focus on anything. my husband just experienced it for about a week because of a cancer scare. now that he hasn't been panicing he doesn't get it. it just sucks! wish I could help. you are not alone tho!

  • Do you think I have a panic disorder? I just feel like I down play all my symptoms/problems so I don't sound dramatic or overly sensitive. Maybe I do have a panic disorder.. I don't know anymore.

  • Do you get panic attacks? then it can be panic disorder. or just alot of anxiety .

  • I don't think so, but I don't really know what counts as one. I usually just tell myself to suck it up cause I don't want to be dramatic..

  • sounds like anxiety and i actually get same feeling and freaks me out

  • I'm sorry you experience this as well. Hopefully things get better for us soon.

  • Sometimes anxiety can cause you to feel dizzy and off balance, most of the time it's nothing to worry about. But it could also mean that your blood sugar is low, try drinking some orange juice or any juice when you feel that dizzyness and make sure you're eating because that can definitely cause you to feel like your going to pass out.

  • Thats good advice, thank you.

  • have you had your ears checked.they can affect your balance

  • I have not, I'll do that. Thanks.

  • It could be vertigo . Your neck could be out also . You also could be having migraines in your eyes . They don't hurt but it can cause you to be dizzy . Hope this helped .

  • What do I do to treat those?

  • Symptoms of Anxiety differs from person to person but at the end of the day.. Dizziness is up there with the most common. You'd be surprised at the amount of physical symptoms anxiety can prompt your mind to do. The less you think about anxiety and the less bothered you are by all the symptoms that come with it - the more it occurs until eventually - you feel normal again!

    And - from someone whos been through bad bad bad anxiety - you don't half appreciate how good 'normal' feels. You'll be stronger now you've saw the back end of the "anxiety phase" and start to live a better life.

    Its hard to bypass anxiety and its hard to fully convince yourself that "this dizziness is just anxiety playin' with me and its not as a result of a terminal illness.." etc etc etc.. but when you get past that - life is alot better and your stronger for it.

    Keep a diary, find patterns, identify your potential "triggers" - then face your fears head-on. You'll be fine. Trust me. Light is at the end of the tunnel!

    Hope this helps.


  • Can you give us all some more guidance on how you talked yourself into not being afraid of the fear. I am so afraid of the fear, of the panic, that I panic thinking about panic. I fear I have something wrong that makes me panic and that I really don't have control over it. Ideas would be soooo awesome. Thank you.

  • First of all panic comes from subconscious of something that you did not deal with like a trama or fear or something to that effect . It's like a toxin that comes out threw panic . You have to find out what triggers your panic and as you said fear of panic . But before the fear there was just a panic . So what triggered your first panic attack . Fear is what enables all who have anxiety and panic that is a given . You can not die from anxiety or panic I know it sure feels like your going to but the only reason is because out of fear we fight anxiety and it turns into panic because of it . Let anxiety happens don't fight it all it is is more adrenalin in the brain that has no place to go to be used . So it comes out threw suppressors and fears. Next time you have an anxiety attack talk yourself down tell yourself your Ok your going to be fine . That it's just to much adrenalin in brain go for a walk don't fight it . Take slow deep breaths threw it . It should subside as quick as it comes .good luck.

  • Thank you. I should probably get a counselor again. I really appreciate this.

  • ....less bothered you are by all the symptoms that come with it - the LESS it occurs until eventually - you feel normal again!*****

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