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I hate this fear! I can convince myself every day that "this is the day" and can visualize everything so clearly and nearly feel it so clearly and I can't stop these thoughts, they just keep coming. Things like, "well your stomach feels fine" and "how you feel is a cold, nothing more" aren't working! Because I can see it so clearly, I start to think that this is a huge problem and that there is a health problem and I don't know why I'm afraid of something like this, but I can't shake it. Has anyone else had this?

Every time I get one of those thoughts, I like flinch. I move my body so suddenly so I can turn my focus onto something else and I know people can overcome this fear, I just don't know how or what to do and I'm supposed to be calm as my body fights off this cold but these thoughts and images won't go away, they induce panic attacks! Is this completely crazy? I've never had it this bad before. It only started after I realized that everything I feared had the fear of this beneath them and it was like I felt helpless all of a sudden and since then, these thoughts have compounded and now no matter how I feel, there's very small solace I can give myself, as if my body can just turn against me. I really hate this. Can anyone relate?

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Like its three am and I'm fighting a cold but I'm panicking and I don't know how to calm myself


I'm like convinced this is something serious. "Is this a low grade fever, oh my gosh that's so bad! My throat feels this way and this and I keep imagining the worse."

And I can't calmly tell myself that you got a cold from your mother when you swapped lip balm.


Ohhhhhhhhh I'm doing that in the morning. Or....later morning. I've been drinking a lot of lemon and water, it's so good


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