okay so i have emetophobia (fear of vomiting) & i get so nervous about long car rides . just 1 hour car rides freak me out . well in 3 days , my family is driving to disney world and its a SIX HOUR drive and im freaking out . I just want to know if any body has any advice on how i can stay calm ? im bringing ibuprofen & Prevacid just in case it hurts , but i still feel un easy about it


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  • Hi there, ginger is really good to help with nausea,but you can also buy tablets called motillium over the counter at pharmacists (the instants are the best) sometimes when I'm in a state of anxiety I feel sick and these do help.Getting worked up about your trip won't be helping you! Try and look forward to the fab time you're gonna have! Wish I was going!!

    Have a wonderful time!!

    Kath :)

  • You can`t get motillium over the counter anymore in the uk because of a scare about some people dying from heart problems caused by the drug. You can still get it on the internet, along with a host of other anti-emetics.

  • Oh no well its a while since I bought any! Thanks 4 letting me know,only ever took it when I had that sickness feeling due to anxiety!Cheers for your reply.


  • Good advise I and MY sister once got so sick on a ship not a cruise but a ship that take people to international waters the steward brought us ginger and bitters it worked he told us it works even better if taken before hand we were soooooooooo sick I wanted the coast guard to come rescue us lol Hope it might help????

  • Hi yep ginger is really good,I drink ginger tea all the time,and always first thing on a morning.I also drink peppermint tea which can also settle your tummy!Nothing worse than that horrible sickly feeling!Think sometimes herbal teas can help calm you down as well when feeling anxious,I'm also a firm believer in rescue remedy!

    Take care +have a good day


  • Hi I also have emetophobia and I'm exactly the same about any sort of travelling, no matter the distance or time. You have to remember that you are going to be fine and if you do feel unwell, you can tell your family and have a break on the journey.

    Download some relaxing music or mindfulness meditations and put these on your iPod or phone. I also find taking a hot water bottle in the car is really comforting because you can focus on the heat instead of your worries.

  • Try DRAMINE maybe that will help could be motion sickness? I had it when I was younger sorry I cant think of anything else at the moment good luck and GOD BLESS

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