Emetophobia and Flu Season

I am laying here typing this at 12:30am, unable to sleep and paralyzed by fear. Tomorrow is supposed to be one of the greatest days of my life. I have a meet and greet and concert ticket for my favourite singer and can not be more excited! However, here's the bad news... Everyone at school has been sick lately with influenza (flu) and the common cold. My friend is also sick (i think with influenza) and I hung out with her a few days ago. The next day I started to get a runny nose and the day after that, it got worse and a scratchy throat appeared. Today my symptoms got even worse. Here they are:

-Stuffy/runny nose

-Pressure in face/sinuses/heavy head

-Scratchy throat

-Hives (?)

-Muscle aches all over

-Fatigue (I feel like I got hit by a bus)


-Face feels flushed/warm yet chills all ove body (off and on)

-And the most worrisome of all... stomach pain and nausea (eek)

So... I'm emetophobic (severe fear of v*) and the nausea is really scaring me. I thought influenza (which is a respiratory flu, not to be confused with norovirus-the stomach flu) wasn't supposed to cause nausea? Why am I getting gastrointestinal symptoms. Now I'm freaking out that I have the norovirus (stomach flu) and am scared that I'll v*. Food looks revolting (makes me wanna gag) and even water is unappetizing. I feel pain in my stomach and when I move around the nausea gets worse. I can't tell if I'm overreacting and making the nausea worse than it is or if it's real.

I have to go to this concert tomorrow. I camped out for 20 HOURS to get the ticket and meet and greet (it's an exclusive event). But, if I feel nauseaous, my fear won't allow me to go... I'll panic and fear being sick all night. Plus there are no seats, it's general admission so standing in a crammed sweaty loud crowd while nauseaous doesn't sound like the best idea. Based on my symptoms, does it seem more likely that I have influenza or norovirus?? I am very careful with hand washing before putting anything in my mouth and being sanitary in general. Right now, the nausea isn't too bad... maybe a 2 on a scale of 1-10. But it feels like what the start of norovirus has felt like in the past. However, I'm wondering if the nausea could be caused by post nasal drip and the build up of mucus. Also, I'm on my period (sorry for the tmi) which could add to the nausea, stomach pain, and fatigue, right?

I am so upset as I have been waiting for this concert forever. It sucks that I had to get sick right before it :(


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12 Replies

  • Hi Tat122, it sounds like you may be coming down with a cold or the flu, although you didn't mention having a temperature. I think that the nausea feeling is from your anxiousness in both worrying about vomiting as well as the excitement of the concert and hoping you will be okay to go. In either case, I wish you well and hope you can enjoy your favorite singer.

    Let us know how you feel tomorrow. Good Luck dear. x

  • I share your phobia, and I'm pretty sure the nausea is caused by anxiety. If you can suck on hard candy or chew gum, that will get it under control. It works every time for me. Have a blast at the concert! You'll get so involved you won't even think about anything but the concert!

    Oh! I forgot! There is also an acupressure point on the inside of either wrist to control nausea. Put your index finger and middle finger where your hand bends into your wrist. The spot where the two fingers lying side by side end is the spot you want. For me, it's about an inch above my wrist. If you ever feel queasy, stick a finger in that spot and just hold it there, firmly but not enough to hurt.

  • Take Zofran for the anxiety/stomach - it's like a mild tranquilizer for your stomach. This will get you through the hyperactive stomach - you must eat small amounts of food every few hours to keep your energy and to help with the immune system. Go to the concert, and go to the doctor as soon as possible to find out if you have the flu and act accordingly. I have severe anxiety attacks - the Zofran will calm that stomach down so you can function enough to get something accomplished outside the house. Good luck !

  • Hi Tat122, you can't let your symptoms stop you !! You must go and live your dream while you can👍 Take paracetamol for your headaches and body aches. You could try a teaspoon of honey in warm water to soothe your throat.also ginger or peppermint tea are good for nausea. I think once your there the excitement will make you feel a bit better😀👍. It's awful you've got poorly now but like I said don't let it stop you xx

  • In my opinion (and I speak from sorry experience!) it's much more likely to be the 'flu. Norovirus would have hit you hard and fast before now. Enjoy the Meet and Greet - make sure you don't give your favourite singer the 'flu! What band are you going to see? I always wanted to win a Meet and Greet with Rammstein but no luck yet...

  • I get the flu vaccine this time of the year or else I wouldn't go to uni because it's horrible everyone has it

  • Hi there Tat.

    Let me start by saying that if your were going to v*, I believe you would have by now. When I get the flu or a head cold, I feel nauseous but I have never v*ted. The mucus has an aggravating effect in the stomach, this is what triggers the nausea. Also, absolutely, your period can cause all of these symptoms. Probably more so than the cold/flu. This is very common either way.

    Do you have anything that you can take as a backup? Anti nausea meds? Only if necessary of course. Sometimes just having them on hand is enough reassurance to get you through.

    I don't have emetophobia but my oldest daughter does. I know what works for her. It's a terrible thing, I feel for you.

  • Thank you to everyone who replied! O woke up this morning feeling aches and pains all over BUT barely any nausea at all (thank gosh!). I can't pass up this great opportunity and am going to the concert :) I have prescription anti nausea in case I need it. Fingers crossed that it'll be a great night!

  • You probably do have 'flu as opposed to what people call a bad cold. I have had the 'flu only once in my life but the memory of that will remain with me always. I couldn't get myself warm despite sitting as close to the fire as I possibly could whilst wearing two jumpers, a jacket and an overcoat. I had all the symptoms you described even the nausea which the 'flu brings with it. Who is the singer you camped 20 hours for?

  • It is quite possible the post nasal drip is causing you to feel sick, but if you had Norovirus you would have been sick by now. Also if you have hives (itchy red bumps) this would be an allergic reaction to something, possibly something you had eaten and not connected to the flu or Norovirus. Above suggestions are all good. Take some sort of pain relief (only you know what suits you best) and try to stop worrying and get some rest today and hopefully tomorrow you will feel better and be able to go to the Meet and Greet. Best of luck...regards, Val.

  • You should not really go to the gig, as you will pass on the bug to loads of other people. :/

  • Sounds like the flue, av got the same symptoms, had to leave work early yesterday as couldn't stop throwing up, not throwing up today but still feel sick when I eat but it is getting better, you are probably making it worse worrying about it, just go and see your band, what's the worst that can happen,... You give them the flue too.. Lol.

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