Pain hits me like a full speed train

My anxiety was triggered last year due to mums shock cancer diagnosis after going for mri nerve damage to back , I was going through itregular menstrual and got told I was being sent for hysteroscopy/ biopsy/ mirena and at some point that week I took the worst moment of my life .

I literally can't explain it I thought I was dying - thought I was either having a heart attack, stroke or had a brain tumour . I phone nhs 24 they had no appt until 11 iys was 9 and I took my self to bed waking up panicking this is it I wrote a note to my husband , daughter & son and left it on my dressing table as I truly believed I was going to die.

To be told it was a panic attack shocked me I had never had one and my life had changed so quickly since that . My dr put me on propanol and citalopram for 4 months I got off them as quick as I could as I hated them they made it worse.

My anxiety is health anxiety as during mums treatment for cancer we were both diagnosed with brca2 and every pain and physical symptom I think it's cancer.

The positive Thing isu his and and kids tHey keep me going and I fight it on a daily basis. I havea degree of knowledge and understanding of my disorder but its still ao difficult at times to keep under control and also to process it.

I'm so glad I found this site as a support because it's hard for people to understand unless you go through it and I think they think I'm

Going crazy.every few weeks the pains / symptoms change and o get scared . A so type this I can't stop crying my husband has walked in and had to make me lie down and calm down - I hate anxiety so much


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  • It's just horrible, I'm going through anxiety at the moment aswell. It's all the physical symptoms i can't handle, it's like being continually plugged into the electric. Right niw it's my arm and chest area, adrenalin rushes that are going to my arm , feel like chopping it off, very weird feeling

  • Thanks my most common one is weakness left side - shoulder and arm . Also head ache also left side it scares me as I keep thinking brain tumour

  • I'm the same with my left side. It's very depressing. I was out shopping today and I got a quick severe pain in my heart, then had an unusual feeling all over my chest, I couldn't get out of the shop quick enough as u thought was gonna have a heart attack there and then. Drive home and told my hubby I wanted to be cremated if Anthin happened me. Then the arm thing at started, it all freeks me out

  • I get that strange arm feeling too? As soon as I feel anxious its my arm that starts and its a feeling I can't describe its so strange isnt it xx

  • It's awfil

    And then because you think of it the vicious circle starts and its constant pain and constant worry . I feel

    Like have ages in the last year , I'm

    Like the fun police , I feel like I can't remember sometimes how to have fun and laugh that's what hurts most like its stripping ME of my personality

  • Hi I just recently got anxiety a couple months ago. I wasn't properly diagnosed by a Doc yet but I'M 99% sure that it's anxiety because of the symptoms I have. I know exactly what u guys r going through, I'M glad I found this site because it lets me know that I'M not alone. I had no Idea what ppl with anxiety went through until now! I'M always thinking I'M having a heart attack, or tumor or something is wrong or I'M gonna die. Anxiety turned me n2 a hypochondriac smh. I cry everyday I'M tired of this feeling!

  • Hi faithful

    Like you this site is new to me and a little Ray of light . I'm sorry to hear your are going through this and fully empathise with you .

    I think I struggle most when I'm having a good day like yesterday I had my three nephews plusy two went to soft play for couple hours then my bro with his kids and my bro in law went a huge 2 and half hour walk up an estate fresh air and fun then when everyone went home and it was peaceful I could relax and Boom like a train it came and consumed me for over an hour . Negative thoughts pains , tears and panic my amazing hubby took me aside and made me go for a lie down which upset ME more as I wanted toe downstairs with them x

  • Hi Carrie

    No wonder you are suffering with anxiety you are going through such a tough time.

    Sending you a hug xx

  • I'm tired of feeling like this on a daily basis, I want to wake up each day without pain, numbness, tingling, palpations, ectopic beats, dizziness, chest aching. Feeling like I'm gonna die each day. I don't want this anymore. Oh to feel NORMAL, there has to be some cure out there

  • I know I wish it were that easy . At the moment I keep getting a very dry nose and throat is awful , the. Due to my posture and tension my neck , shoulder and head hurt and I get I. Such a state I have convinced myself it's a brain tumour . Wish I could just get a cy scan head to toe and move on . My anxiety is health based - cancer & death are my triggers I'm terrified x

  • Mine is health too, It's awful feeling like this. I've had loads of scans and ecgs but still don't stop me feeling like this. Easy to understand why people drink and take drugs to numb themselves. I think there are more sufferers of anxiety than anything else

  • I think so even in this day and there is still such a stigma people don't talk about . They avoid rather than try and get informed .

    I talk about because I would hate to think how I would be if I didn't talk about it

  • Same here, I think it's the physical feelings that kick start the anxiety, I remember when i was 17, I was in work and my left arm was numb, I didn't know why or what I did to it so I went to a doctor. He prescribed me Valium, I didn't know what they were or what they were for. I showed my mother what the doctor gave me and she had the biggest fit ever, took the tablets from me and was on the phone to the doctor and gave him abuse. I wonder was that the start of it , I can't remember. but personally I get horrible physical feelings out of the blue, then comes on the anxiety OR are the physical feelings the anxiety, I can't work it out????? But looking back to when I was 17, As far as I was concerned I had a numb arm, not anxiety, had he told me I had a trapped nerve I would have walked away happy, but I've never forgotton the episode and I'm now in my forties

  • It is exactly that what came first the chicken or the egg . I clean the surgery part time that I am patient off . So I feel sometimes like I can't go to the dr as I feel they will think here we go again what is it now ?

    Mine was a combination of always locking things away d not deing emotionally with the. And when my father in law died suddenly , two years later still grieving my my

    Got. Cancer diagnosis and I got BRCA diagnosis I fell apart properly short circuited and I have always been strong and now I feel like half the person some days i don't even recognise myself .

    i can't remember why I have walked I to a room , my short term memory is awful , my concentration span is bad at times and I can't believe how tired I feel some

    Days but I Dont give in.

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