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Can someone please help I know I'm a pain I just don't know what to do

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I think I just had my first panic attack ina a while . Like I full blown one felt like I couldn't breathe and I was screaming I'm getting really bad chest pain and my mouth dry finding it hard to swallow. I can't deal with this no more feeling like I can't breathe I hate this anxiety it's ruined my life!!!!!!! if I'm going to feel like this forever I might aswell just die 😫

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I know how u feel I had one last weekk went all weird from head to tie and felt I couldn't breath. Ive been really bad since. I feek the same as u. Anxiety is horrible it takes over are life's how r u feeling now x

I'M sorry ur feeling this way, u r not a Pain we all know what ur going thru that y we all r on this site 2 help eachother! Just BREATHE thru it, it shall soon pass and u have smthng worth living 4, u might not know it yet but everything will b OK. Keep ya head up n stay positive go out n do smthng, read a BOOK, play a video game, watch a movie! 😘😘

It will pass. You said you haven't had one in a long time so you have proof you will get through it. I understand how you feel. I worry about having panic attacks and cause myself to be anxious. It is a true nightmare. I try to eat high in magnesium and potassium might help. I've read deficiencies can cause anxiety as well as adrenal issues. Find the sources of the stress in your life and see if you can make changes. I hope the best for you. We can all get through it together supporting each other.

panic attack, you need professional advice or treatment. I use Zoloft and Klonopin to control them. They still breakthrough occasionally but after it all, no matter how bad it gets you survive and live through it. Plus there are many moments you dont want to miss. get help. good luck.


If you haven't had one for a while you kind of forget just how debilitating these things are. Like others have said it does pass eventually but can leave you shaken for days. The more you think about it, the more it happens. Mindfulness is good. Panicking about panicking is unhealthy, try and keep yourself occupied. I know its hard but try. Also try breathing techniques in every day things. It comes in handy when the dreaded things come from nowhere. Have you a local mind charity local to you. They are great also when you do have a panic attack you could phone the Samaritans for reassurance, sometimes thats all we need. Take care.

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Yeah I know what you mean I just can't deal with panic attacks because everytime I have one it feels different so my mind goes into panic mode like this isn't a panic attack, I need to remember I'm 19 and lucky to be healthy there's people out there with serious problems :(

Thanks everyone for replying to my post means a lot I have had counselling don't seem to help and also on medication mirtizapine which is an anti depressant and also on propranolol, I just need to try not think negative because I know I do it to myself thinking I'm having heart attacks and blood clots but it's just the way I am, I hate this anxiety I can't even work no more through it as I don't leave my house I hope everyone is ok with anxiety x

Anxiety/panic attacks are nothing to take lightly. Something happened that triggered the attack. You will get through them, by relaxing, taking a few deep breaths and calming yourself down. I teach people to use their emotions to access their subconscious so they can get the results they want. To help them deal with their anxiety emotions and how to control them. When you're ready for change, I can help! All my best!

I hope you are feeling better, I know what you're going through though. I had my first full blown attack back in May of last year and I went to the doctor convinced there was something wrong with my heart and I was put on Zoloft and Klonopin to get through it. Luckily for me, I only had to be on the lowest dose of each one to feel more like myself. I had gotten off both medications in November and felt fine until a few weeks ago and the shortness of breath and some of the other symptoms had come back. I've been having a hard time the past few days. But keeping busy with cleaning and my son is making it a little easier.

Yep - thats anxiety! The more you worry about the symptoms you have got - more symptoms pop up - you now have more to worry about! Vicious circle!

Try these websites and see if you get any useful info. - Mood Gym - E-Couch - Living Life to the Full


this is what anxiety does to us i have it too. But take deep breaths have some water

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