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My major anxiety is over my stomach....all the time. Since my first panic attack. Anyway, I'm not nauseous or anything but every couple weeks, I'll have like, a couple days of an uncomfortable fullness. Like I can eat and be hungry but it feels like something is already there. It makes me panic because my brain jumps to ulcer or like....low blood sugar cause My mom has a mild case but I had that taken in July and it was fine. Anyone else get this? Like now I'm hungry, but I feel like there's just no room in the middle of my stomach.


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  • i doubt whether a day goes by that my tummy doesn't suffer. two weeks of the month I look 7 months pregnant. I could eat a horse, always hungry. Bloated nearly every day. But tummys are so so fragile and sensitive , they sense anything and everything in regards to anxiety/panic and they suffer. A tight feeling, diarrhoea, constipation, bloating , a sense of fullness even though we haven't eaten, hunger even though we have just finished 4 courses. You aren't alone, I suffer constantly day in and day out with my stomach associated with nerves, anxiety and panic attacks. It is the first thing that suffers. and yes Ive had every test done and my tummy is perfect.......not a problem. :) and id say.....anxiety makes your tummy like that, not your tummy making you anxious.

  • Hi. Yes same thing was major problem for me . I felt like my stomach was so swollen and stretched that it was about to burst. That would set off my health anxiety and away we go with self diagnosis of liver cancer,ulcers . Etc etc . I believe that its down to the fact that this area is our central nervous system and contains all the chemicals that fire out into our bodies when we have the fight or flight feeling . I have questioned myself as to whether it could be some kind of IBS which is stress related . I bought Andrews liver salts and that really helps . I also found that bread was a trigger so I have virtually cut that out of my diet . I have researched benefits of taking hemp seeds and started using that. I must say that after 50 yrs I finally have a much better digestive system and regular bowels . Hope this helped you x

  • So pleased to see these replies as i too suffer terrible with these symptoms of the stomach and me too cos of health anxiety think the worst but havent had them checked out yet. ive always got that fullness even when i eat a little, bloating constipation i will try to eat less bread as wholemeal in particular does really fill me. When do you take the liver salts and how often? thnx very much for this but i will hopefully soon get a check up as like you say i always feel something is there and do have a big tummy,some days much bigger than others need to start taking note of what makes it worse. thnx guys healing hugs to all xx

  • I take the Andrews when I feel bloated but recently I contacted Macmillan Cancer cos my sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer four week ago . Cancer nurse mentioned that Andrews liver salts is very good for cleaning the liver so that's why i bought it. Sometimes if I have had alcohol my stomach is very trembly e and I take Andrews and I feel much better after ten minutes. Warning though Andrews is also a laxative so in moderation. X

  • So sorry to hear of your sisters diagnosis that is tragic iv'e dealt with many cancers the last one being my husband my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Thanks for the info on Andrews i drink a bit too much for my anxiety problem so will def try it.(Also suffer from constipation so two in one) x

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