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Sleep Issues, Yay!

My new sleep issues began one night after having chocolate. Which I expected anyway because chocolate keeps you awake. But the problems continued. I eill go to bed, lie down, feel tired, and then boom.

Wide awake. It takes about an hour to go to sleep and when I wake up, I am instantly tired, like I slept badly. Last night I jolted awake and was really anxious in my sleep. Woke up feeling bad. Then again, I also juat got off an herb suppliment from my my nutriotionist so it could be some of that. I feel slightly dizzy, but getting out seems to make me feel better in the long run. Im also shaky sometimes, but even whenI eat I feel it but ESPECIALLY when I go out. Like if I am in a store. I am so aware of myself. I will even panic when I feel tired! And I hadit once, months ago, whe. i was dead on my feet tired. As in, wanting to face plant on the ground tired. But that went away.

Im not dead tired. Im tired. Like poor sleep, too light of a sleep tired, and my muscles feel used, like i just stretched em. My mom says she knows it is not iron deficiency. I had my thyroid, blood, blood sugar, urine, and physical exam done in July and the nurse looked like she had np idea why I was there. Her response?

"Eat more greens."

My mom talked to her on the phone the next day and she said bloods were clear, I asked my mom to ask her for anemia and b12 deficiency, the lady said nope. only thing that was not even worth mentioning in her opinion was that my anxiety level was raised slightly.

And I did not feel this way on my period, nope. So if I were iron deficient, I would have felt like this then, right?

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Hi there

Would you ever think of exercising when this happens?

I can tell you it works a treat :-)


Yeah, it does seem to help, though when I feel lightheaded (not true lightheaded, just really overwhelmed sense wise) I have little motivation for it.


I understand.

Things I do to counteract lack of sleep


Drink a pint of ice cold water

Read books on spirituality/life coaching

Watch an episode of something I enjoy - sopranos/breaking bad etc

But at times when something is on my mind really bad, all I can do is ride it out and and try to look forward positively. It can be tough.


Yeah, it can be. But other problems wo.t big in comparison anymore!


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