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Half Baked and crumbling x

Morning everyone,

yes ive just woken up. im really nervous and my body is in so much pain from tension, i feel like the tin man who has gone all rusty.

im a bag of nerves since my OH returned to work after having her appendix out. She was off for 2 months and it was nice to have the company. now im alone again and the demons are back. I feel like im in a modern version of The Divine Comedy only paradise is not featured in this version.

I didnt take my meds for a couple of days but started to take them yesterday, surley just two days off wouldnt turn me into the mess i am at the moment, not being able to sleep, creeping round my house like im a burgler and avoiding the front door at all costs. Im suppose to be going to get cat food but i cant face it. i feel like im letting my OH down again when i promised her, when she went back to work, id do the shopping, i cant even face leaving my bedroom.

anyway, i hope the rest of you good people are as well as you can be. Lots of love and thanks for listening.

xxx Love Cookie xxx

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Hello Cookie

Thats a very sad Cookie face

Mate , whats happening here then

OK , we have slipped back , but you no you can move forward

You have done fantastic , & while you were looking after your OH , what I find it takes us away from us & our problems & then when we are left with just us again those problems can still be waiting for us , seems like thats what might have happened here

Also & I might be strange here , as not all Mums think this , but I used to love it when the kids were on holidays when they were little , loved them been around , kept me occupied & liked hearing the noise & I used to go so low when they went back

I cant say I suffer with depression , but thats the nearest I think I felt to it , so I understand how you will feel lonely all of a sudden

Well we will pick you back up & start again , we have done it once we can do it again

So mate looks like you are stuck with us for now hey :p (that was a blobbing tongue just for you , but it may not have come out as one

So I will send you hugs , I no you didnt use to like them , but then got used to them so here , hope you still like them , but even if you dont you no i will send them to you



{{{ Whywhy }}}}}}}}}}}},

sorry mate, my left arm is aching so you have a wonky hug back lol.

i think you are right, i wasnt focused on me and now i dont have a choice.

the blobbing tongue looks supurb lol xxx you made me smile as always xxxx love Cookster


Cookie , you have even done a wonky hug look , bless

Its OK wonky hugs are my favorites :p



Ha Ha You look half baked and crumbling and give your cats dog food I do.


hi mate,

if i had any, i would, id even try birdseed rather than leave the house lol. xxx


Hello Cookie

Glad you are back you always lift my mood




same here grog, hope you are well mate xxx


My cat loves weetabix if you have some, that's not good if you are crumbling. Take one day at a time, your just having a blip.

I haven't got aching arms so you can have a proper hug

((((((((((Hug ))))))))))))) xxx


Thanks mate,

they have food but will need some for the morning. mine love shredded wheat lol, lol id feel like a cannabal eating weetabix lol xxx

thanx for the hug, not so tight next time, love me tender, i hurt like a mo fo lol xxx


Try some magic mushrooms they are a good substitute for weedy weetabix


Hey cookie sorry to hear your struggling at the mo. I'm sure you'll get yourself back on the up again. Sending loads of positive thoughts and a big hug

(((((((BIG HUG)))))))


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