I'm scared

IBe been having chest pains, dull ones then sharp ones and I'm always shaking for no reason. I feel tons of pressure on my chest and I'm very uncomfortable lately . I can't sleep because all i think about is that I am going to have a heart attack and die. I'm 13 and I have nobody to talk to. I can barely lift my left arm . I just would like some advice.


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17 Replies

  • Hi r u there?

  • Yes

  • u cant sleep right?

  • Yes I cant sleep I pass out

  • how r u feeling right now? are u still scared?

  • A little less scared knowing someone read this

  • how can I help u? first of all are u at home? is there anybody with u?

  • Well I am at home trying to watch tv and be calm . There is people here but nobody wants to be involved

  • Im so sorry u feel this way have u tried doing some breathing techniques try to relax your in a panic mode rigjt now so thats why your having chest pains

  • I do have tea and I try to meditate and do yoga but doesn't help that well but it helps

  • good. and who are this people u r whatching tv with? and do they know u feel like that?

  • My little sister has no idea

  • aww..but what are u doing awake both of u? where r ur parents??

  • It's like almost 8:40 pm here and my parents are in their room smoking and also watching tv

  • oh lol here is 1:34 am. good glad to hear that. just tell them about this ok?

  • Yes I did but my mom just thinks I'm weak. I also begged my mom if she can make a doctor appointment for me so nothing is medical related. Also have a good night;)

  • Ok thank u sweetheart don't worry your mum is right :) I am going to sleep now nice talking to you ;)

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