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I'm scared I'm going insane ?

It's gotten really bad over the last couple of days, it started off with me being worried I have psychosis or schizophrenia. This is because I have derealization 24/7 I feel really out of it and lightheaded. I also feel like I'm disconnected from my family and feel on edge all the time. I'm also forgetting to do simple things that I normally would really easily and saying and doing things that I would t do normally I just don't feel like myself anymore ? I'm so scared.

Last night I fell asleep and then woke up suddenly two hours later and had no idea where I was or who I was and I was so confused and my ears were completely blocked it was so scary. And today I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing my thoughts and all jumbled up and I'm recently getting really random 'mind pops' of information for eg just before I had one on this page in a childhood book I read. It's starting to really scare me and I think I'm going insane ?? Please help??

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Haven't you got someone at home that you can go to? This must be awful for you.


no i don't unfortunately they just brush it off and say I'm mental


Well in that case you can chat with me if you need to,although I must sleep now but if you leave message I'll reply asap.

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Hello Sarah just wanted to let you know I experienced all you have written about and it's scary. Are you on meds as the meds I was on at that time made me paranoid. I truly hope you have help. It is part of depression I still suffer but not as intense as before. You can pm at any time if you like for a chat. Hugs xxxxxx


I wondered if you have been to your GP and asked about this and been referred to a specialist?


Get st. johns wort


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