Exercising and panic

I go to the gym, but I feel quite panicky if I'm on the cardio machines.. I can only assume it's because my heart rate is going up, sweating etc (all quite similar to panic attack) I just get so panicky that I feel like I may fall of the machine, faint or even have a heart attack! (Because intense exercise + panic.. a lot of exercise for the heart) So for now I've been sticking to weight machines. Does anyone else get this?

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  • Yes I do,

    I'm concentrating on kinder exercise for myself now, walking, light jogs in between.

    For me Health is about being kind to ourselves, not smashing the cr..p out of us, I've done that for far too long and its not made me healthy thats for sure.

    Wih you well



  • Hey B :)

    Ooh right, I think that I will just stick to light exercise. That's right, we can be rather tough on ourselves. xxx

  • Stick to the weights as I do,keep everything up North!As for cardio in the gym,not healthy,too much sweat,snot and nuclear fallout in a confined area plus mind numbingly boring.Do as I do,get out on the bike,bit of countryside and nice weather works wonders for mind and body alike.

  • Glad its not just me. I have fear of exercise too because it reminds me of panic attack. Can manage swimming as i can keep cool i think. X

  • Thanks, think I will stick to weights for now. That's another thing, I get so bored doing cardio.

    That's the thing.. I suppose because it feels so similar to a panic attack. And I'm scared of putting too much strain on my heart.. what with exercising + the panic xx

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