Help !

I don't know what is wrong with me I seem to keep thinking my boyfriend is dying in his sleep so I keep waking him he is not happy as he works 12 hour shifts I keep looking to see if I can see him breathing and I panic it's as if my hearts sinks to my stomach I thought it was weird me doing this until I realised I'm even doing it to my dog I wake my dog to check she is still breathing I don't know what's wrong or what to do ?? Can anyone give advice please xx


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10 Replies

  • What gave you the fear that they have died??

    Try to think of good times.

    you'll fall asleep on a positive note and after a few times you'll forget about it.

    Drink warm soothing tea/milk and don't do anything stimulating like tv or phone/computer

    Conquer this fear

    You can do it!!

  • Thankyou for the advice and I don't know why I started doing it I am always busy and always thinking about tomorrow maybe if I do what you said try relax abit before I go be it might help thank you

  • I used to do this, oh my gosh. After my dog passed away, I kept waking the other one up. It doesn't help that she sleeps like she's dead. Except when she snores which concludes in waking me up and yelling at her.

    That fear will ebb off. Try to resist the urge to wake him up. He's perfectly healthy and you can always think logically about how unlikely anything like that would be, and to recognize your own fears of losing him and your pet, but being able to destinguish that just because you think or feel that, does not in any way mean it will happen.

  • Thank you now I know I'm not the only one who has done this makes me feel a lot better about myself

  • Have you lost someone close?

    Are you afraid that your life will never be the same if you lose the people you love in your life at the moment?

  • Yes I have had 10 close (family/friends) pass in the space of 20 years and the last one was 7 month ago so it could be somthing to do with this as I don't understand why I'm actually doing this when I was a lot younger my worse fear was dying and I got over that so I hope I get over this as it is a horrible feeling thankyou for the reply

  • I am not surprised you are so low and on edge. I am still going through a phase of being afraid of death myself but I am glad that time has softened the blow.

    I was afraid of anything dying, including animals.

    If it is obviously effecting you and I would see your dr for help

  • Thank you it's helped talking to someone

  • Hi, I don't know if you're feeling anxious about other things too, but when I get really anxious I get quite paranoid about things that are not likely to happen (I spent a lot of this year worrying that my husband was going to leave me - with no evidence what so ever - except the worry in my own mind) No matter how many times he reassured me I constantly worried about it. I've found it really useful to do mindful meditation. After a while this allowed me to calm down enough to see that my worries were not real. I'd highly recommend it - plus if you do it before you go to bed, you go to bed nice and relaxed which also helps you sleep better!

    I hope this helps and I hope you come out the other side soon x

  • Thank you it's helped talking to you

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