Bad heart palpitation today and Sunday

So Sunday after doing rigorous training with the Fire Department, after we were done training in 100 degree weather I had a really bad heart palpitation. I was walking back to the truck and it literally stopped me in my tracks. I felt my pulse and heart out of rhythm and it freaked me out. I drank a lot of water and ended up being fine after that. Today at work I had the same thing. I was sitting outside when BAM it felt like something was ripping my chest open. My heart started racing and for a few seconds I thought I was gonna pass out. When I came home I passed out for 2 hours I was so tired I didn't get much sleep last night as I was at a fundraiser and got home late and had to be up early. Also yesterday I had 2 beers, a cigar, and some chewing tobacco. Im not sure if that had anything to do with it but I am quitting tobacco.


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  • Hi philly101, after doing rigorous training in 100 degree weather I can see heart palps being bad. You were definitely dehydrated. Today's episode might have had a lot to do with being wiped out physically and mentally. I would think that the 2 beers when you are extremely tired could make your heart race as well. Since alcohol is dehydrating. As for the cigar and some chewing tobacco, yes I think quitting tobacco can help in several ways. I too worked with the Fire Department and was always amazed that a break for the guys meant lighting up a cigarette. Really?? Feel better and keep the water bottle near by. As least you are in good hands should you not feel good. :)

  • Thanks for the reply, it just felt like something was pulling me inside, and like my heart was fluttering, then it started racing. It lasted for like 5-7 seconds. I didn't sleep much last night only got like 4 hours so maybe that had to do with it as well. Just a scary feeling and I HATE when I get them, it always makes me anxious.

  • You can't help but feel anxious when the heart goes to a different beat. I had it years ago and the feeling is indescribable as to how it affects your body. Have you ever had it checked out? It never hurts to have an EKG.

  • I've been to the hospital 3 times, had an echo cardiogram done, EKG, 24 hours holter monitor done with my cardiologist. When I spoke to him he told me that everything is fine and I shouldn't worry. All they found was a reverse T-Wave which I asked him about. He told me it could be from anything but its nothing to worry about and mainly stress. I've been under a lot of stress and he told me to try and reduce the stress as much as possible.

  • Oh if were only so easy to reduce stress. What I've learned to do philly101, is to live in the moment and not project what may or can happen tomorrow or down the road. I've also turned to meditation and deep breathing to keep the anxiety level down. And last but not least, accept the symptoms that I know to be anxiety. We cannot change how others may be but we can chance how we react to our stressors. P.S. your baby is adorable..

  • Thank you, I started exercising again and trying to live in the moment as well. Its been helping a lot as far as my anxiety goes. Just feel like my heart palpitations come out of nowhere so it makes me anxious. But I've learned to cope with them. Thank you for the kind words, she is the reason why I am stressed out since her mother and I are no longer together. It has been stressful.

  • Hey sorry you had a rough day but yeah the 2 beers definitely could had triggered something I'm not a smoker so idk about the chewing tobacco but i feel like if you stick with water the anxiety and attacks will ease down I been trying that myself and it been working fine I just have a hard time every time I get a symptom I decide to look it up on google and that's all I think about from then on so that hurts me to I also went to the doctor for the heart thing today and she said she is 130% sure that nothing is wrong with my heart but like right now I'm feeling pain so that's all o think about is something heart related I can't help it at times I hope you feel better and you find out any techniques to make things better just let me know thank you!

  • Yea I'm quitting chewing tobacco, its a big stimulant, not good for me. I quit for a while and started taking magnesium and the symptoms dissipated. I was drinking a lot of water and exercising regularly. My anxiety was low and I was doing great. Until not to long ago I started getting dizzy and it made me anxious for a while. Probably what also triggered my heart palpitations. Also after I was getting anxious I started taking "calm now" which is a herbal dietary supplement meant to calm your nerves and anxiety. Not sure if thats what could have caused the heart palpitations as well.

  • Man same here. Im not much of a smoker but i for sure gave up drinking from now on. I started having heart palpitations the day after i drank on saturday. Might of been cause i was too hungover and started thinking way too much. But From what i know it causes heart palpitations.

  • Yea I've been on vacation and been drinking actually everyday. Some days more then others, but yesterday and today the palpitations came back. They come randomly. Honestly I thought it might of been the drinking but when I stopped drinking they were still coming on. I think it has more to do with stress and anxiety then anything else. But who knows. It feels more like a thump in my sternum area, then the heart. Like my esophagus has a lump in it. Tough to explain but maybe its more muscular then heart related.

  • Are the heart palpitation same as chest flutter feelings??

  • Chest flutters, it feels like something is moving in my chest. Almost like gas or indigestion but idk.

  • Yea ok same here then. i got some today while i was working out. Good thing it was my last work out but it felt uncomfortable and scary that i had to stop. Have you got them lately still?

  • I had them while I was away on vacation. But I was drinking a lot. Had one today at work, but it was minor. Probably because I was anxious before a meeting. I usually don't get them while I am working out unless its a vigorous work out.

  • Shouldnt think to much of it then?. Im a little anxious to find out my ekg and xray results wich has almost been a week and they still havent let me know nothing. And i find my self getting them when i think about it. Its pretty weird

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