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OK so I'll start with the fact I suffer from Anxiety and Depression, I'm 25 years old, I've had numerous tests on my heart and all that sort of thing. It all keeps coming back fine.

My query is an issue I encounter the past week or so, Everytime I start to doze off to sleep I get this surge of fear, I mean it's hard to explain but I'll try.. I'll be laying there with my eyes closed and right at the point where I would fall to sleep I get a butterfly feeling in my chest or sometimes it's like my brain tells me my hearts gonna stop, as an example last night I had my hand on my chest and I dozed off and boom, just like that, I woke up with a gasp for air, my chest was trembling and I thought my heart was about to stop, this happened 7 times before I finally managed to sleep.

Through the day I get all these aches and pains over my body, I'm constantly walking round checking my pulse, the pains are mainly my chest, neck and left arm, not at the same time and it's not as much painful, more discomfort. I know my heart hasn't stopped, it goes without saying I wouldn't be checking my pulse if it had stopped but I'm getting so worried over literally nothing that it's affecting my day to day quality of life. I can't figure out what has triggered all of it either.

Does anybody else experience this or know what I'm talking about?


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  • I failed to mention I get these cold stabs in my chest, almost everyday, they aren't painful at all, I can't really explain it at all, all I know is it's almost like that cold feeling you get when blood returns to your arm or leg when you cut the circulation for a period of time. They don't last long, it's instantaneous, it's there and then it's gone. It's unnerving.

  • I've been researching and apparently the cold spots could be an acid reflux issue, seems probably considering I have heart burn a lot and now these cold flushes in my chest.

  • This isn't sleep apnea is it?

  • That's what my girlfriend suggested, I will go to a doctor and see what he says but how would I suggest he checks for it?

  • The Doctor should know how to diagnose sleep apnea.

  • I think it could be strongly Anxiety related combined with stress maybe? I'll speak to my doctor and just tell him exactly what I've said here I guess. Thanks for seconding my girlfriends opinion.

  • does a lot about sleep and its part in depression and anxiety. Its good x

  • Thanks I'll check it out :)

  • I have the same problem. After my anxiety went to full swing, when I'll try to sleep I'll get these hot flashes(start on my chest) in fact I was so sleepy by that time, then because of those hot flashes, my anxiety will go to full swing again bcoz I am afraid I cannot sleep until morning, 24 hrs + I got no sleep, so I decided to visit a psych then she gave me pills to relax then I can sleep... I got meds since the time it happened, I'm on my two weeks already with meds, I was fine in 2 weeks...but now I got panic attack again, and went back to the same experienced, but I can sleep 10PM-3AM bcoz I have pills. I hope you'll be better soon after you visit your doctor. Take care 😊

  • Ah at least I know I'm not alone on this, I'll see what he says and I'll probably let you guys know, thanks to all of you :)

  • You are not alone buddy :) We're gonna be okay :) I'm 28 BTW, when my attack went to full swing, just last April 20, everything was new to me, hot flashes, strong heart beat, etc. I'm new to this world. You'll be alright :) God bless

  • I know exactly what your talking about. Ive had this many times. In my opinion, when your nervous system is revved up in fight or flight, it doesn't seem safe to go to sleep and shut off, therefore the act of falling asleep to a brain in fight or flight is scary, so the brain abruptly wakes back up! That's my personal interpretation. Try and not get scared of that symptom. Try some soft and slow breaths to calm down and know it's not serious. You could get checked for reflux and apnea, which many times go hand in hand with anxiety, but reducing stress and getting the anxiety under control will certainly help with those if you have them 😁

  • Thanks, slept a bit better last night but woke up with this weird feeling in my chest um, not anything I've experienced before, it made me cough quite a lot to be honest, I feel like I have an irritated lung maybe, not sure how to describe it at all.

    If I was to try I'd say it feels like something's in my lung irritating it force me to cough, sends butterflies through my right side of my chest. It's probably best I see a doctor but some opinions might help :)

  • my problem is during the day taking a nap, or even sometimes waking up, my heart will be racing like MAD... anyone have issues like that??

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