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Hi y'all how you all doing , well it's my 40th birthday today go me lol Instead of enjoying it I'm in serious panic mode! On Saturday my 15 year old dog decided to attack my little dog just out of the blue so I spent all Saturday in a&e not good at all, but my fear has kicked in because I asked my Dr to test my blood for diabetes as it runs in my family ,yesterday when I came home I had a letter from them saying I need to go back in 1_2weeks for another blood test as my glucose are slightly raised, also wants to test me for anaemia so I'm in full panic mode as you can imagine, because 7 years ago I lost my mum to pancreatic cancer she only lived 7weeks after diagnosis , so as you can imagine I've associated glucose with diabetes which is insulin which is associated with the pancreas so I'm now thinking I've got what my mum died of, this is so bad I'm living my life like this it may sound strange and weird but this is a big deal for me has anyone else gone or going through this xxxx

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If only for a little while today, you need to smile and enjoy your day!

I have been pretty down the past for months for similar reasons, its so scary that I'm not sure what to do sometimes....every little tingling I feel sends me into panic mode, health anxiety isn't easy its certainly not a good way to live. when it happens, I try to sit still and just breathe, because the truth of the matter is that we are in pretty good health (I understand how you feel about your glucose levels because i was told a few months ago that i am anemic, and sometimes it was awful, but remind myself that its controllable), it's our minds we really need to take control of....but that's proving a lot harder than I could ever have imagined. But we have to try, and keep trying to find a peaceful place.


Thanks so much for this means the world to me xx



Happy Birthday :-)

Oh I spent years worrying over having a heart attack young because my Dad did but what I forgot is that now they check us out & they are so good especially when or if there is a family history of something

Most us us can have slightly raised blood sugars but it does not mean it is anything serious & it is very common to re check results but look at it as a positive they are doing their job & making sure they are 100% sure your results are correct & satisfactory

If they were a little up they would have you on medication & because you have gone early they would soon be monitoring you to make sure history didn't repeat itself , but that is the worse which is not bad that could happen

I know when we have anxiety which sometimes focuses on a certain fear we blow it all up out of proportion because that is how the anxiety keeps a hold of us , take a deep breath & say well I am having the tests redone , that's a positive & if they come back fine all is good , if they are slightly raise they will put me on meds & I will be fine :-)

I know it is easier said than done but I am sure especially as you are in good hands everything will be ok

I really hope you manage to enjoy the rest of your Birthday & be kind to yourself :-)





Dear Natzsteveo,

I wish you a very happy birthday.


Marcus xxx

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I have a fear of being out.of control, not dying, but the panic can be understood. It is due to poor thinking for me. Not managing my thoughts well. I used to be afraid of dying, but I no longer have that.


Thanks so much all I've had a brilliant day today my husband has been a Angel today and made my day extra special, I do think it's my mind playing tricks on me but having a fear is awful, thankfully I have people who don't judge me and who knows what I go through and makes me feel I'm not alone xxxx



I'm a 40 year old bloke so maybe I could help a little :-)

I recently had blood tests done & also went on a weight loss program. I got the results of the tests and had a couple of slightly raised levels but these are coming back to normal now with weight loss.

I completely understand your thoughts given what happened your Mum, but I think you are thinking too far ahead. If you are fit & healthy now there is no need to assume anything is wrong. A relative of mine was worried about persistent headaches recently and thought it was a brain tumour but it turned out to be nothing. Just try to relax & wait for the Doctors to complete the tests.

I understand about the pet situation, only normal to not want to see a pet in distress.

Also, happy birthday :-)


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