Anxiety . Health obsessed . Venting lol. Anyone else want to vent? :) let it all out here :)


I'm getting over a neck strain from sleeping & it has yet to heal . My dr said it'll take a couple days to heal . I've slept on my stomach for a while now . I researched & it says that the certain sleeping position could have strain on the neck . But , when I get tired , all I care about is my bed lol. Anyways , I sleep on my back now lol. So the issue...I see that as I'm trying to let it heal ..I also want to stretch & exercise. I still want to be active. I know that I have to take it easy..but Rather that then my neck get sore again . I finish exercising then I'm relaxing.  I feel something move in the right lower back of my neck , similar to something pulsating, as I reach for my phone. I then panic ..I'm in panic mode then I completely break health anxiety code & go on Google for relief & tips . I stumble upon forums & I get into full panic mode . I see ppl who only had sore neck , then share they dealt with all these other issues :/ I'm like in tears , panicky ..hoping they get better , also panicking felt as though I had palpations to which creep me out still . I don't know how to get this out of my mind..what I saw in the forums .. :/ I may distract myself & draw or watch pranks. I love prank vids on YouTube lol. Anyways..thought I'd vent lol. How's everyone else ...? Anything that anyone else wants to vent about? 

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  • Hi:  I have severe neck problems all the time and could never sleep on my stomach

    with my neck to the side.   I sleep most of the night on my back and must use a

    Sobakawa buckwheat pillow in order to cradle and yet support my neck.  I do find

    myself on my side when I wake up in the morning.  But that pillow affords me the comfort I need to keep it from getting sore or me getting dizzyheaded.  I hope you

    heal soon.  Take care   x

  • I gotta get one lol that sounds great .

  • I've used that pillow for years.  Not the same one but I keep

    reordering a new one.   It was a suggestion from physical therapy

    that I had on numerous occasions years ago.  I took the best of their

    remedies  and use it to this day. 

  • Oh I forgot to address that pulsating that you feel at the lower back of your neck.

    I get that too and it's just the muscles relaxing and the blood flow getting through.

    That's actually a good sign, try not to worry.

  • I've recently had difficulties with sleep too! I've kept waking up in the night and then in the morning my shoulders and neck are really sore.

    I usually watch some silly stupid stuff on YouTube like social experiments or science tricks, it's good to keep your mind off things:)

    I hope things get better son x

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