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Quit weed and bad withdrawal + anxiety

Hey everyone am here to seek advice I know the topic my fault as it deffo wouldn't of aided how I feel now. Am 24 and would say scine I was 18 my life been upside down

Basically 5 weeks ago I quit cannabis as I knew I was having mini panic attacks because of it I say I've used heavy for 3 years but the last year has been by far the worst as it lost my business a unborn child my liecence and nearly ended up in prison nearly year ago in that time my drug use got worst, I smoked day and night if I was awake it was going be smoked .... Before this 6year ago I was in life changing crash were I felt my best mate die on me I almost died as the car flipped and submerged in water, my other best mate who sat in the back seat is now brain damaged .. I came out with bad back and life of guilt I wasn't driving but wished I could got them out, in that time non it felt real and this is the start of my drinking problems which quickly led too smoking cannabis aswell, I would drink most days and smoke .... In that time I changed I couldn't keep job, spent all my cash, very little disregard for my future ( blew £10,000) in savings on drinking partying etc that time I also became nasty and aggressive ..... If I was out and someone said something about the crash that wasn't true you can ensure a fight would start!

Recently met someone who help point me in right way she stuck by me thick and thin ! In last year she put up with my cannabis smoking ..... I do also suffer from adhd and autism along with depression and post tramatic stress disorder

Scine quitting 5 week ago

1st week of quitting I got to my new job and threw up I didn't want be there lighting was scaring me and felt intimidated by the new boss.... Lost the job the same day and had sickness and dirhorrea, by 2nd day my head felt full and horrid, I was looking at everything confused didn't understand anything around me ! I felt so bad even confessed to my mum why I might feel so bad! As she had no idea I was abusing drugs

This is when I got bad feeling all the time like something is missing or something bad going to happen

By 2nd week

I got bad headaches and nothing felt real ! I was scarred of everything and would wake up sweating well dripping in sweat with only sleeping for 3 to 4 hours and if I slept longer I would kept waking up like something bad happened! Vivid wild dreams, felt like I had something seriously wrong with me.

Got so down I didn't want go out and would let the feelings control me! Even using a power drill made me feel shakey felt like it still on, I was totally unable to relax I just felt on edge constantly


Wouldn't eat thought going too die my head felt confused scared of reality still, was constantly tired , waking up sweaty hands and feet ..... Everything felt too bright and didn't like going out in public felt like my ears needs to pop all the time! With horrid pressure, although became more socialable it always be worst on Saturday and Sunday.... One night got so angry that had no idea what to do I wanted throw myself into traffic to stop the feeling :/


I got bit motivation back i started exercising and even left my town cycling etc! But then Friday night came the same day I confessed to my mental health specialist everything on what went bad in my life ... I felt so ill everything looked so bright .... I had constant thirst! I drank 2l water while sat in waiting room in a n e! Docs did full blood test etc and ensured I was perfectly healthy ,, rest the weekend I was Ok but still feeling abit all over

Now on week 5

I feel like there pressure still in my head, now then stuff still going bright often feel like my ear needs to pop but I can sit and relax with my gf ! I enjoy my food again and can even have a sociable drink I did have abit of little episodes this week like feel dizzy head feels stuffy with pressure, woke up after 15mins feeling like slept all night but body was all numb and tingles , ignored it went back to sleep for 8 hours! Once woke up was abit scared that was going feel horrid still, was ment go Christmas dinner with some sort of group was happy with the idea wasn't scared but in back my head I was thinking what if someone there who hates me sudden my body went tingly numb etc !

Am here seeking advice as it help me recover I try accept it anxiety disorder and it be a lot of build up stress over the years but at same time I never felt like this in my life it scary and upsetting especially when take everything to heart and people who take Micky saying it might be brain cancer. :( I was given strattera to help but am so scaed to try them Incase I have side effects! I cut caffiene out my diet and cut sugar down :( sorry post is so long and my grammar not the best but need full story to get a proper answer.

Cheers all

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Hey sorry you've been through all that and sorry about your friends.

You are already doing all that you can don't be afraid to start the meds. I know it's scares you to start them from the fear of the side effects. But hope for the best look forward to enjoying life with you partner, she sounds lovely and caring for standing by you, give her that give her you willing to have the courage to take the meds and hope for the best. :)

Come on here when you feel like you need to really express yourself sometimes what we need is to let it all out :) free your mind and start with a new view of life.

You went years smoking your body isn't going to go back to normal over night for a couple of months it will be torture while your body gets cleaned out. Hang in there look forward to something every week be it a dinner night out or small outing with your girl. But focus on it and time will fly and you'll be be good in no time.


Thanks for the reply, thanks for the welcome :) the worst been the bad feeling I've never experienced anything like it ..... It felt like everything 100% more sensitive ..... I've always managed to bottle up and just get on with life but now having these feelings they freak me out and worry me especially the sunken bad feeling asif something bad about to happen ! But like you said my body fighting back now it a slow and hell induced road but slowly feeling better somedays are better then others but depends if I let it get to me sometimes I can control it other times I can't at all.... Taken steps to get help and even suggestions such as mindfulness courses online which was great to send me asleep last night , hope all with this horrid disorder find some comfort and recover !!

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Your welcome:)

Yes you got overwhelmed from bottling up everything. You were hitting your breaking point :(

I know that all too well.

Will see focus on the good days, you'll have hiccups but that's life.

Good job on the mindfulness, it really works.

Well if you ever need to chat come in here :)


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Eres un ángel :)


Good words from the previous posters... Have you been to the doc to seek medical advice/help yet?

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Yeah I've been doctors ..... Called them 17 times over 3 n half week at the start and even admitted myself to hospital were had blood test check for everything .... Came back all clear and perfectly healthy, my pulse is spot on my temp is bang on ... Lost alittle bit of weight but been a lot my active, with having Austin I don't like change so it a big step but also they think it major withdrawal with build up stress that just smoked away now am sobering from thc (which stores into body fats for upto 3 month) they think am just having hard time accepting the changes also for my body which been use to cannabis for so long, still occasionally get sweat feet ! And night trauma but slowly getting everything back..... Today all I feel is abit thirsty and tired but only slept 5 n bit hours but hardly any anxiety it best I've felt in 5 weeks!!!!! yesturday went shopping I went dizzy everything went bright funny headache so must accept it anxiety as I was fine once home

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I've feeling like you now cuz i i just quit few weeks ago and i been going through hell but i know it wont be like this for too long this post and comment give me a relief.


Hi, from what I have read you sound like you are still very confused. Recovery is a long process, you did not get sick overnight, and you will not get well over night.

If I were you, I would join AA and NA. Talk to the people who have been in a similar situation as you.

I would not advise that you start drinking even if it is only social. You are just replacing one drug with another.

If you have addiction issues this will lead you back to smoking drugs because you will get bored of drinking, then you will get bored of smoking it will become a merry go round.

What is wrong with reality?

Best wishes


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hey guys just thought ill give you some update, still got bad anxiety some days is worst then others, i did go though some heavy depression and anxiety leading to derealization, i spent few months on different meds and i am in a more comfortable place now, i do struggle with memory as everything feels blurry and hazy but i can now go out more often, the symptons arent as powerful anymore, like guy further up saying recovery is a long road it most certainly is but i will get there cheers for your reply guys


It will pass. Trust me it will pass. I went through all that as well. It takes time to clean ur system. 4-6 months maybe. Anxiety, night sweats, tingly hands / feet, irregular breathing, all of it will go away.... Exercise as much as possible, do things that are calming( paint) .. It will pass.

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I really appreciate you reply to this persons post. You answer just made me feel so much better. I've been rushed to the hospital 2 times in 3 days. I was so so scared I thought I was having a stroke. The doctors ran all the tests they could to see if anything was wrong. They couldn't find anything. I've been googling since i was discharged the 2nd time and now I geel lile i can rest a lil more peacefully knowing this won't last forverrrrrrrrr. The irregular breathing scares me so much. This tingling in hands worry me bc i know i dont eat enough and that may b apart of my problem. Thanks fornyour answer. ....


It's just like all the others are saying.

I have experienced exactly the same as you describe.

I had developed agoraphobia with intense panic attacks, I was too scared to leave the house for about a month.

I quit weed 2 years ago now, and began to feel strong again about 8 months ago.

I've had cognitive therapy, it worked well for me.

The road to recovery can be very long, but in the end the feeling and strength you get from it will be so rewarding.

I'm still a panicky person but now I can handle it, and I trust it will be the same for you. I can assure that cognitive therapy will do wonders for you. But keep in mind; that therapy teaches you how to deal with anxiety, you have to do all the hard work, it's not going to dissappear by itself!

It might be hard sometimes, but it's well worth it.

Just don't get on strattera, as you probably experience withdrawal with that too when you decide you don't need it anymore.

You'll be better in time, it might take a month from now on, maybe half a year, maybe even a year.. but it will get better.

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jeez am glad i looked at this just to remind me how far i came once again /\ your reply makes me feel so much more human and less alone thank you am glad you recovered i never took the strattra as i didnt dare ... i took a sleeping aid which helped and odd diazepam here and there but i am majorly better ! i am now also on the CBT bus so hoping big results he a very good guy and makes me feel listened too ! it is hell this but i put myself here and only i can get myself out ! thanks for the reply again guys


I'm quite happy to b reading this , I was a user for many years, spend the last two years living in Canada with a medical marihuana card I got prescribed , getting as deep into the stoner lifestyle as I could, not thinking about future consequences. On returning home I was determined to leave the lifestyle behind, as much as I loved it, I felt it made me be ok with being bored. I've successfully kept off it for for 5months but have been suffering with extreme anxiety, panic attacks dragged myself to emergency rooms thinking I was about to blow haha. I've left cinemas 10mins into movies,lied to friends so I wouldn't have to see them. Anxieties a CUNT especially when u get 2/3 day without it and just about forget u ever had it then Bang hits harder the the last time. I Couldn't pinpoint what the cause of all this was, doctors said it was the returning home, stress, grief of a fathers death. But I guess I knew it was the consistent smoking but never wanted to believe it for sum reason, but after Reading this thread I can completely see my situation in some of these comments. I've taken alot of knocks in my life. Ive a feeling this anxiety is going to be one of the toughest to get passed. I've researched everything about it, different coping mechanisms found none to work for me, exercise definitely helps, there's a good app called headspace too. I'm going to therapy but don't know how I feel about it......... So many awkward pauses. When is it time to get medication, any tots???

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Seeming I found this by accident and it been 2 years ! I would share how I feel now in hope it will give those struggling courage !

It has almost been 3 years scine this all happened and I will tell you now! Experiment with meds with your doctor as once they find the one that works it is much easier ! I am now clean of meds ! Once I calmed I got therapy and it worked a treat ! As the anxiety is yourself and you trapped in your own mind! Do me one thing ! Push yourself each day achieving new goals etc don't stop and find a way to relax in your own space and keep occupied ! I did and It worked ! For anxiety to go it almost like you have to learn to trust yourself and push yourself ! More self confidence you regain the more it subsides ! Believe me I struggled some days and even suffered from chronic fatigue for 6months because of it and have myself a list of new symptoms to play around in my mind! Few trips to a & e I decided it needed to stop!

When I wrote the original post I was jobless, lived with my mum and didn't have anything to show for my life .... while I pushed myself I pushed myself for a better life etc long story cut short I am still with the missus ! With a little mini me ! With our own home aswell as a manager of a business ! Back when I wrote this post I would never of thought I could of got my life to this point so quickly but I did ! I though I was going to be on esa for life as I couldn't even leave the house without having panic attack! So please read this and keep hope as one day you will be better ! Just remember you are better ! If you don't believe your doctor when he says your not dying you will keep going back trying to find the cause to your problems when the only one who can fix the pains and fake symptoms of heart attack, brain tumour, eye floater etc you will keep going around in circles and I urge you not too as I did and I would of been better faster if I didn't do that!

Anyway best of luck all and hope you find comfort and a way out of anxiety !


i am suffering the same things its been like 4 weeks since i quit weed from bad trips but everyday is becoming harder and harder i feel like nothing is real and the back of my head is being pressured i feel dizzy , i don't wanna go out even tho i never stayed home when i smoked weed and i thing im losing my mind pls someone tell me am i going to go back in normal


Hi I haven't been on a forum before but feel it may help me, i smoked every day for 9 and a half years, in 2014 my mum had a brain hemmorhage and I found out I was pregnant .. I had no support from my partner (just married) found out he was having an affair .. broke up in Jan when my son was 7months old my mum still ill.. I smoked more than before and began drinking two bottles of wine a night .. I then met a guy in October that has never smoked anything and I began to smoke less... I went 3days without smoking and then my mate came up and I had a lil .. pulled a whitey (which had never happened in the whole 9 and half years of smoking ) I was so scared and swore I would never smoke again(especially because I was already suffering from anxiety) I threw my box away and have not touched it since... on the 21st of this month it will be 2months cold turkey ...... I have only a few good days but mostly bad.. legs and arms will suddenly go numb and I overthink everything..I can't drink alcohol,coffee,fizzy drinks.. eat food I used to.. everything has to be plain .. I get scared over small things and can't socialise like I used to, I cannot be in crowded places or go cinema ... I'm scared it's going to ruin the relationship I now have .. I'm scared because I want these feelings to go away.. the shakes and throwing up have slowly stopped , but the headaches and numbness and feeling faint scares me .. especially when it comes out of no where and happens even when I'm out randomly.. please let me know if you have felt the same and if it has passed.. will I feel normal again or am I going to be like this forever ? 2months have felt like a living hell ...


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