Does anxiety cause any of you throat issues?

I know I have posted a lot of anxiety and symptom stuff lately but my reasoning in joining this forum is because my health anxiety is the worst it has ever been. :/

Anywho, I think my coming down with a cold 5 weeks ago set this anxiety trend off...the cold gave me oral thrush, I got rid of the thrush, got misdiagnosed by an urgent care doctor when I couldn't see my own doctor and took a round of antibiotics I didn't need (my family doctor informed me of that), which brought the thrush back, etc. So, my health anxiety has REALLY been triggered and for me, that has meant facing a lot of fears.

My annoyance has been this throat sensations that are still lingering! My husband thinks it is anxiety and thinks I have become hyper aware of my throat now. My family doctor showed me proof that I am hyperventilating and said that he thinks it is more anxiety as the cause to my throat ailment as well.

What it is, is this: my throat dries out very quickly. (It has improved some since I've taken the medicine for the oral thrush, which seems to have disappeared in my mouth now.) It feels like there is a lump in my throat 24/7. It also feels like I can't clear my throat. If I start to talk a lot (which I love to do haha), I get hoarse. I have noticed that it does get worse when I get really anxious. I have also noticed that when it comes to dealing with some emotional stuff that bothers me, my throat gives that sensation that it is closing up and blocking my airway...that feeling of when you are about to cry but it is extreme.

I am notorious right now for being hypersensitive to my body. It is just a bad habit I have fallen into. I wake up tired because this anxiety and throat stuff has made it hard to sleep and rest.

I feel like I have been sick with some type of ailment for 5 weeks now, and I just want to feel normal again, lol! I have improved greatly, don't get me wrong. I just don't understand why my throat is still acting this way when I have taken the medicine for the thrush (in case the mouth thrush also got into my throat or esophagus) and it has disappeared. My blood work came up great other than showing my co2 level was a little low which the doctor said was proof i am hyperventiliating and need to relax.

My husband seems to think that if I can just stop thinking about the physical sensation, even though it is there, that the throat stuff will eventually dissipate.

Have any of you dealt ever dealt with anxiety causing you throat annoyances?

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  • Anxiery lowers the immune system so coldsfeel like they can linger for weeks. Anxiety can cause dry throat, burninf throat, tickle in throat, etc. I agree with your husband. I think it is anxiety.

  • Yeah, I got rid of the cold weeks ago. I think my mind has just latched onto the throat ordeal for whatever reason. I've been having extreme anxiety lately, so that would make sense. Thank you for replying! :)

  • I have thought of that as well! Where I live, allergies are VERY common here. It depends on the weather and whichever plant is coming out. Lol. I did notice earlier today that (this may be gross lol) I actually was able to clear my throat somewhat because I could feel phlegm move...of course, it is back to that sensation, but that made me wonder if it is just allergies. I will try an antihistamine for sure! Yes, once you are labeled with anxiety, I've noticed that it is easier for doctors to just assume every ailment is that. Thank you for pointing that out! It helped confirm what I wondered this morning when that happened. :)

  • That's true. I see my doctor again tomorrow for a checkup, so I will mention it to him. I have noticed that the throat closing feeling only seems to happen when I get very emotional or upset, so it may still be anxiety. One day at a time I suppose.

  • Lol, I think I am! Haha!

  • This sounds alot like what led up to my diagnosis of hypothyroidism. For about a year before, I had to constantly clear my throat, felt like there was a lump in my throat ALL the time. My doctor dismissed it as anxiety and told me to relax. I went to see her again and she gave me some medication for reflux, thinking it was that. I was referred to a specialist (ENT, here in Canada). He put a scope down my throat and could see nothing amiss. It was finally my psychiatrist who thought that it sounded very much like nodules or possibly a small goiter. I had had my thyroid checked for years before because I was always tired and rundown, but tsh was always in range. She explained to me how symptoms can precede the illness by months to years. I did indeed have nodules, however a few months later, my tsh came back at 87 and I was feeling horrible. In doing my own research since diagnosis, the hoarse throat is a very common symptom of severe hypothyroidism. I would definitely ask to have this checked out. I wish you the best.

  • Thank you for sharing your story. It's something I will keep in mind. :) I had my thyroid tested and it came back as normal. I've noticed that it worsens when I have a lot of emotion (when I could cry) and I've had some sinus drainage in the back of my throat that every once in awhile, I can clear it and feel the drainage move (I know that's gross lol!) All this started with a cold and post nasal drip I developed a few weeks ago when I was outside on a cold, windy day in the countryside. Everyone around here has been complaining of the same things, so I really think it is as simple as just cold/sinus/allergies and anxiety. My cousin-in-law, who is just 19, just yesterday, had a scope run down her throat for the same complaints--not being able to clear her throat, a knot in it, etc and they said it was just excess mucus. I love in North Alabama where this area is notorious for year round allergies. One day it is abnormally warm for winter and the next, it can jump 50 degrees. Lol. Plus, I've been overcoming thrush in the mouth/throat. :/ If it doesn't go away, I will ask my doctor about it for sure. Thank you so much! :)

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