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what physical symptoms does your anxiety give you?

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When I am stressed and anxious for long periods of time, I wake up to hot flashes, persistent nausea, dizziness, derealization and shooting pains in my head. Sometimes my anxiety will give me a tight throat to where it almost feels like I'm coming down with a cold and have a sore throat. I can experience this even when I am not aware of my anxiety and stress, it will just creep up on me. I'm curious to hear about physical symptoms that other people's anxiety and stress have given them? I'd love to hear about unusual symptoms that you didn't even know were due to anxiety. It comforts me to hear about other people's unique experiences especially since I'm dealing with health anxiety.Thx ❤️

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Im 16 and I deal with health anxiety and other anxiety and stress. I have so many random physical symptoms for example my cable provider came to check my service and fix my internet. I was so nervous and anxious it felt like i had to run from the danger but there was no danger the guy was very trusting and nice. I also had symptoms of feeling weak and feeling like i was gonna faint and my heart was racing and got tunnel vision. But other times with anxiety my skin feels like its burning, I get tension headaches, nauseous , feeling like im not really here. my legs start to feel weak when im experiencing anxiety. I've also noticed if im anxious and talking i start to talk very fast and my brain like "speeds" up. I have so many symptoms that come and go and make me feel like im going insane but im slowly learning that im going to be okay and anxiety WILL NOT kill me. I also have symptoms of anxitey when I dont feel anxious. Im sorry if these seems like im all over the place but i hope it helps.

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Thank you for sharing ☺️

PS sometimes with anxiety I wake up in panic attacks or just feeling really warm.

i get physical symptoms 24/7..chest pain left and right it changes from day to day side to side. Burning sensation in my sternum. Burning feeling in my muscles..today got the skipped beats. i get like itchy feeling on my skin..Dizzyness, blurred vision, tension headaces well for last 3 days. Ear pain and jaw pain. my most scary symptom is defenitely when it starts in my chest. Both arms also go numb. i feel like a sudden rush of blood just goes down my arms. i also get shooting pains in arms and in my vingers.

There is always something new to be added but these are the constant ones.

God bless

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You have just made my day A LOT BETTER down to the itchies !!! God bless you seriously i have the same exact things to go on

Wow, I would post my unique symptoms bUT mines are EXACTLY what you posted and I mean exactly the same. And yes it does give me a little more comfort when you see that others experience the same. I also get dots floating in my vision, head pressure, ear pressure, ears ring loudly sometimes, blurred vision, sensative to sound too. But I get everything you named. I was just crying yesterday about the dizziness the most because it such an uncomfortable feeling. My nausea comes and goes throughout the day and I worry alot about it because I also lost alot of weight due to the stress and anxiety. Now I'm fighting to gain my weight back and having a hard time because the nausea still wants to come and go as it please along with acid reflux at times too, upset stomach too causing me to not have much of an appetite.

Thanks for sharing ❤️ What are you doing to cope? Do you have any advice?

Well honestly I'm still trying to figure it all out as far as dealing and accepting it. So I find myslef still crying alot. I do pray more. And to be real, that has brought me through a lot. It has helped me through some very fearful nights. Even though I still have my worries, still cry, still get frustrated. And prayer constantly would be my best advice. I tried medication once and quit and I hope to never have to result to it. So I'm coping by my own strength, whatever strength I do have. I wish I had more advice.

i find myself crying and praying a lot too. i'm guessing you believe something is seriously medically wrong with you like how i do? it really takes a lot of strength to get through it.

Yes I went to the er several times, spent a several hundreds of dollars to get different blood works did, appointments with another gp for physicals and pap smear which was more money , all came back fine and yet I still can't convince myself everything is ok and that it just may only be anxiety. Soon as another symptom come along I'm convinced it's something seriously wrong. But I try real hard to change my thoughts

Extreme exhaustion, shaking inside, fuzzy head, burning, painful acid reflux, hot flashes, painful knot in sternum, freak outs/panic, fear, back pain, loss of appetite, nausea, stomach pain, aches all over, depression, loss of interest in everything, no coping skills and more. It is a brutal disease. So far it hasn't killed me and it's been going on pretty strong for 8 months now. I'm determined to find my cure. Let's keep helping each other!

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I know this is like 3 years old but I also get extremely exhausted. Like if I have to go somewhere I need to get ready early and then rest before I go out. If I get too tired I feel dizzyish or unbalanced. Somedays it's easier to cope with it other days I feel so weak from how tense I know I am that I'm just too tired.

All of that and more.

Exercise really helps. It gets rid of all the built up adrenalin that we don't get rid of sitting all day. And being healthier puts your mind at ease. If you don't you should try it.

Hii everybody.. Does everybody with anxiety diagnosis have heart palpitations ?

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MB1989, I know that's the way it started for me. I think most people will agree that is the main focus.

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Well yeah it starts that way, but i had serious heart palpitations several years ago, but now days i rarely have heart palpitations. The things i get that annoys me more is these things; Head pressure, floating things in my vision (sometime stars), weird spaced out feeling (where i suddenly lose concentration and gets kind of disoriented like i cant find words to say and i feel weird kind of like a brain fog with some adds to it.

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I get the same thing as you do from time to time. The more stress I'm under the worse the symptoms are. At least your heart palps are rare...

Mine are gone only because I'm on heart meds. For me, that was the worse.

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Yeah less stress its better. Well im not afraid of those heart palps, but when you cant think normally and fast and you are disoriented than you cant do your job good and other things..

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