Anxiety is, undeniably, one of the hardest things I have gone through. Am going through. I have seen a doctor, nutritionist/ chiropractor, taken herbs, cut out caffeine,

and have made changes, so why am I not better?

Doctorscan load me up on pills if I wanted. I could take all the herbs and do what everyone told me to do, but the truth in the matter, is that they cannot rectify this. They cannot fix my problem. They can do what they are supposed to do, but that will not make me better? Why?

Because I have realized that I have expected someone else to do the work for me. For doctors, parents, or God to just....fix it. But I am the only one who can fix my problem. My parents gave me the encouragement. My doctor gave me the reassurement. God gave me the strength and authority and faith to overcome this.

And only I can follow through on that. This is why I am not better. I can blame it on this symptom or this symptom and tell myelf I will stop worrying after I am sure this symptom is nothing, but I have been doing that for the past fifty symptoms.

This is what I will tell myself. The only reason I am still in this place, is because I have allowed myself to stay in this place. And nothing I can imagine of my fears, iequivalent to living a life of worry and fear.

I believe we will all overcome our anxiety. It may not be easy, but after, dang, will other problems seem easy to handle.

God bless everyone.


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  • Wowww u really given me some hope just reading this I thank u so much for sharing that God bless u too .

  • I hope it empowered you :)

  • All so true, just like you my cardiologist said that you can take a pill for anxiety but that's just calming the symptoms you're not getting to the route of your problem u have to find out what is causing this in the first place and get in depth of it to get better.

    Thank you for your thoughts it really gets you thinking and empowering :)



  • Thank you, I'm glad. :)

  • I have been trying all the things you have but have come to realise I need to change what's in my head not external. Counselling and mindfulness is helping. X

  • Yeah, it is internal. We have to redirect our way of thinking to Chang our situation. And only we can do that :)

  • Thank you for this. It really gives me a new direction, an helps me feel less alone.

  • You are so welcome. Feel free to message me. I like talking and love helping people:)

  • Hi, what a positive post, from a young lady with wisdom.

    I think we all know this, but need to be re-assured that there isn't any underlying problem.

    Trying to be in the now with positive affirmations is very hard and I practice them often, life is a struggle, but we will all get there eventually and become stronger people, although to be going through anxiety and depression we must be a very strong bunch. xx

  • Thank you and you are right. :)

  • I am so proud of you!!! What an AWESOME realization!! I am coming to the same conclusion, girl!

  • Awesome! Yeah, we will all beat this! And who knows? Maybe we will be grateful for it, especially if it enables us to help other people :)

  • Exactly. I've already been writing on this forum today to focus on helping everyone else instead of writing of my own ailments. Like you, I'm beginning to have the same realizations. It's like you hit rock bottom and realize that God, your doctors and family are staring at you like, "When are you going to stop this?" As Jesus said in Matthew 6:34, How can we add a single hour to our life by being anxious? :)

  • They can gice us the tools but only we can apply them! Trust in the Lord. I am not doing that, and I need to.

  • My favorite scripture is, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding and He will direct your paths." Proverbs 3:5-6. When you said, "Trust in the Lord", it made me think of that. I've not been trusting Him either girl. I also need to.

  • I believe everything will be okay. Better than okay. We were not meant for a life of worry. We were destined for huge joy and freedom. We just have to practice letting go until it becomes habit. And then, that is when anxiety has not option but cease to exist.

  • That's right! And all of that is so true. We have to keep practicing in letting go until it becomes habit just how we practiced into bad thinking that put us in this anxiety habit. I just posted a Joyce Meyer article link that discusses how our thoughts can minister life or death to ourselves and those around us. You should check it out. It really encouraged me.

  • Joyce Meyer is great :)

  • Yes, she is. She has helped to keep me straight plenty of times lol!

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