would you like to own a place like that

would you like to own a place like that

just looking at the pic makes me relax, how I wish to have a place like!!! I am dreaming this is I know but why things can't be easier sometimes, why I can't go to a shop and buy everything i want instead of spending on budget. why do i have to return to a small flat instead of massive garden flat with multicolored flowers!!!!!

shall we buy this place folks? maybe all of us can afford it :) Lavender would help and ease all out situations :)

I will still say God is great and my situation is excellent comparing to some people that can't afford to eat these days.

God bless you all

have sweet fluffy dreams :)


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  • lovely.. I shall think of you tonight when I sprinkle my lavender , nite nite xx

  • thank you love, does it help when sleeping?? what kind of lavender you use?

  • lovely thought i lived on a farm with stunning views. still felt alone & so isolated. lovely picture as well.x

  • people community plays a big part in life, i guess people can feel isolated even when they have everything!!!

  • Hey where did you get a photo of my garden?? :)

  • if this is your garden i am waiting for inviation along with all the people in here :)

  • You are all welcome just leave my lavender where you find it.......

  • hi ! I use boots essential oils and lavender gel, mostly it works and I like boots brand as it smells natural.. I also use bergamot essential oil if I need a lift .This will make you laugh I hope , once I was sprinkling oil around the bed before I realised it was peppermint which makes you alert... Neither of us had much sleep that night lol ..Have a great day Rouri and everyone else x

  • lol :) hahah funny, well you have to try it might help clearing sinuses :)

    will get one of tehm :) thx for info. you have a good day as well x

  • Dreams come true Rouri! You just got to believe! :-)

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