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Test after test and nothing is wrong? What to do!

I've seen so many post including my own saying..." I've been to the heart doctor.. my gp.. the ER and nothing is wrong I'm so frustrated"

Well ya know what? Praise God there is nothing wrong!! I remember the last time I went to the hospital for chest pain... I had been there oh... 6 times before... ๐Ÿ˜‘

As I lay there, waiting on my blood test to come back.... my chest yes it was hurting and it was worrisome but my bp was great my pulse was a little high but okay.

Then all of a sudden a man comes in with cardiac arrest.. he was actually fighting for his life... and here I am... still worried about the same thing I've been seen for over and over again. At that point I felt so overcome, so silly

You see when we go to the doctor and get out heart or whatever checked by a Dr or cardiologist who went to school for so many years and they say " oh everything looks great your probably just going through some stress in your life.. it can do that to you" instead of feeling like ....ughhh what am i gonna do I still feel like crap...blah blah. Pick yourself up, work through your stress and anxiety in your life & thank God your not the man coming in the emergency room In cardiac arrest

We're Okay, we have anxiety yes. But you can overcome this. Do what the doctor tells you, take medication for awhile if you need to, work on accepting what you have, breathe, take a walk, live your life ๐Ÿ’œ

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Elizabeth04, thank you for sharing, I'm glad you saw the light. I guarantee if anyone spent one day walking through the hospital, they would walk out thanking God for what they have. It's never easy. Anything we have in that has an impact on our lives is difficult to accept but knowing it can always be worse should give us the strength to move forward. That truly was a life lesson that you experienced. Be Happy, Stay Positive x


Your exactly right. I'm thankful for the health I have ๐Ÿ˜Š

I think it's taken going through this rut to make me realize it... I work in the hospital going in the ER many times a day... and it took actually being on the other side of things and being out of "Hospital mode" to realize things for my self and being thankful for what I have

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Ah Elizabeth04, I've spent all my life working in hospitals, maybe that's why we

can see it more clearly.. x



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You are so right and I recently came to this conclusion... I have to trust my doctors or find new ones. Bc they tell me everything is fine so I have to trust them that it is and trust God is in control and no amount of worrying will change that. I can only control how I respond to my anxiety


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