Anxiety affect appettie?

During early hours of morning I did wake up few times and worrying about pregnant, make sure I remember what I dream few secs after I wake up but couldn't remember etc it start make me feel more anxious but try to ignore and fell asleep.

So every morning (appox 2 months now) I seem can't eat breakfast & not hungry but I do force myself to eat toast either cereal but seem ages to chew then swallow and I'm worried because I've lost bit of weight, felt like my stomach had strunk and left me worrying bit more as I used to eat breakfast everyday but now I seem not, but okay with lunch and fine with dinner.

I did had a stomach gastric flu last nov for 11 days (lost appetie, weak, feel nausea & diorreda twice sorry too much info) its when my anxiety start and I wondered if it damage my stomach? Been to GP over 10 times in 2 months, had a full blood count test included anemia- all come back normal then I had cough for 3 week now most in morning and don't cough when I sleep, gave me antibiotic called emergyilicn syrup one and make me feel nausea & headaches but determind to finished the course of 7 days and its finished 2 weeks ago. I wondered why I'm like this and I don't want to lose more weight!! :-( my favourite nurse reassured me and said anxiety/worrying affect my appetie and said there is nothing wrong with me as I was worried about brain tumour, lung cancer & stomach cancer....No problem with drinks as I drink lots of green tea with honey, cup of tea- once a day only, water & chamomile flower before bed.

Did explained her over the phone yesterday, she said once I see counselling my appetite will return but I'm worried what if it doesn't? What if its something else wrong? I'm NOT going to google AT ALL!!

I wondered anyone is the same? Also does anxiety affect memory? I forget a little like where I park my car & what I dream and bit funny dull pain/twinges on right sude of head near back of neck & ears....pariond about what if brain tumour but nurse reassured me that I don't have it!!


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  • Minnie


    Everything you have said is anxiety

    I sometimes go all day without eating as I just dont feel i can stomach anything (not good for me I no )

    Well done on you though managing a little toast then having the rest of your meals during the day , wouldnt worry if you struggle with breakfast , loads of people do , even those that dont suffer with anxiety

    In the morning dont feel you have to eat straight away , give it an hour or more , then try a little toast

    Also anxiety can make some people loose a bit of weight , (afraid that is not the case with me though as could really do with that one ! ) again dont weigh yourself all the time , we can all go up & down with our weight , it really is normal

    Now Minnie , your favourite nurse (feel she is mine as well because i no she is taking care of you ) as you keep saying she is your favourite , (which makes me smile ) trust her , that would be the best compliment you could give her , she is the one with the experience & you have had so many tests & she says there is nothing wrong , trust her

    I have been through all you are saying , wasted so many years , & not enjoyed life as much as I could have , wish there had been sites like this back then

    I am full of twingers , pains , you name it , the more I give them attention , the more I feel them , so I put my all in to letting them come & go & they do

    Minnie you have a long & happy future to look forward to & i have every faith that your anxiety will slowly improve & all these things will become less & less

    Think How many times have I worried about "this & that pain " & I am still here !

    whywhy xxx

  • Hi Minnie - Anxiety can affect every part of your life - appetite, energy, memory - you name it! Yes, my appetite is poor - I've never been a breakfast person, when I was working i never bothered, as i always said my stomach didn't wake up till about 11 am at the earliest.

    You could try - hope I don't get into trouble for "advertising" but have NO shares in the company lol - Belvita Breakfast Biscuits. They're the equivalent to a proper cereal - I've checked - but in a biscuit form - i find i can manage them with a coffee/tea when i couldn't face anything else.

    Oh, and gastric flu will NOT have damaged your stomach, hun, though it might take a while for your appetite to return, on top of the anxiety. Could you manage something else in the morning - yoghurt, banana, something like that?

    The nurse has assured you that nothing is wrong - believe her, hun, she's the professional. I do understand a bit about health anxiety - I once had a very sore throat which wouldn't go away - I of course was convinced I had throat cancer, specially being a heavy smoker :( Went to the doctor - diagnosis? Cararrh!!! We put ourselves through hell with these worries, hun, and honestly, 99.9% of the time there IS nothing to worry about.

    Lots of love,, take care




  • Thank you both lovely ladies for reassure me.

    I know I should believe my favourite nurse as she's a professional! I will try belivita biscuits for breakfast. Glad I wasn't only the one who don't eat breakfast much now due to anxiety.

    Just had a minterstone soup for lunch with cup of green tea and manuka honey as I got bit of cold, couldn't stop sneezing all day yesterday and today also cough for 3 weeks :-(

    Didn't reaslied that anxiety can affect memory? I was very worried about brain tumour but nurse reassured me that I def don't have it so have to believe her.

    Don't you all wish to have scan machines & blood test labs at home so we can test and reassure ourselves everyday lmao!! (Laugh my ass out) lol!!

    Should I go to hospital for my bad cough to have x ray and give me right medience?? Fed up of coughing for 3 weeks mainly in morning & afternoon but no cough when sleep xxx

  • NOOOO Minnie lol not a good idea for us lot to have machines at home to test us , we would be running of to A& E every 2 minutes as we would swear blind it was reading we were ill , we tend not to believe anything !

    Was a post on here the other day someone took there own heart beat & went running to find someone as they couldnt hear one !

    I wouldnt go to hospital myself , you have been reassured as you have asked them about your cough , I have it to , its this virus , taking some moving , if it was that bad , you wouldnt have been able to paint , wash you dog & everything else you have been doing this week :-)

    It will go , mention it on your next appointment if you want , but dont go rushing of

    Your lunch sounded very nice errmm

    whywhy xxx

  • Totally agree about the machines, Why! When my sister had a heart attack, she bought herself a blood pressure machine, and was taking her BP every 15 minutes - her BP tends to rise for no reason. Well, it was bad enough with her taking HER BP all the time, but she kept trying to get me to take MINE!!! Now, I hate having my BP taken - not that I'm worried about it, just hate that constricting feeling - and I used to have to practically fight her off with her b***** machine :( I kept saying - my GP takes it when she feels necessary, she understands it better than I do, that's fine by me! She did eventually give up on me, but she drove me bonkers - well, more bonkers lol! - for months!

    When we're anxious, it's so easy to get obsessed with our health, and THAT'S when we need to trust the professionals. And, Minnie, I've a friend who's had this cough/bug etc since way before Christmas, massive dose of antibiotics and now having to have another course - so it's a very nasty virus/infection that's going round, which is probably what you've got.




  • Thats made me laugh Rose & love when you say "more bonkers " than you are lol

    Bit cold for secret garden today I feel :-(

    whywhy xxx

  • No, no, Why, just said on Jonathan's blog,it's ALWAYS warm and sunny in my secret garden! No snow allowed - well, only the pretty stuff ;) xxx Hot coffee always available too! :-D xxxx

  • Haha love it! Extra hot chocolate would be lush!!!!! Xx

  • Hot chocolate available, just for you, Minnie! :) xxxx

  • O my goodness , just seen this , hot chocolate is my favourite , but just for Minnie !!! :-(

    whywhy xxx

  • Aww Why, I'm sorry, didn't realise you loved hot chocolate too! Made some more, so there's plenty for everyone! :) Enjoy, hun! xxxxx

  • Thank you Rose ,you will never get rid of us in that garden of yours now lol

    whywhy xxx

  • Might have to pay a visit then later , Hot coffee sounds to good to miss !

    whywhy xxx

  • Ah that's true ladies!!

    Will drink lemon & manuka honey hot drink to rid the germs in my lungs! So annoying! Hope it will goes away the same for you whywhy

    Oh no your sister sound bit obsessed with bp as it is no good! I understand about her fears but can be bit too much? Oh well it is up to her hun but don't end up like her lol! :-)


  • Hi Minnie, - no, she's stopped now,doesn't do it so much - thank God! But she was a pain in the - err arm - at the time lol! And no, I did not end up like her. I tell you, in 63 :( years, I've had so many terminal diseases that turned out to be anxiety, i don't worry about it any more! ;) xxxxxxx

  • Ah that's good hun.... Ur 63?? Your writing made me think ur about same age as me LOL!! Hope it makes you feel better!! ;-) xxxx

  • What are you having for dinner rose??

    I'm having 2 jacket potato with butter & nice cheesy cheese ;-) with salads- tomato, cucumber, black olives, fresh basil, lettuce, chopped red chilli and extra virgin yummy!! Bought myself a cheeky chocolate Fiji milkshake and chocolate pop tart for snack tonight!! My first naughty snack after about 1 month I think!' Xxx

  • Naughty but nice Minnie :-)

    whywhy xxx

  • Yes def!!!! Can't wait to eat them!!!!!!!! :-) xxxx

  • Oh whywhy is having a naughty dinner tonight- sausage with onion & mash potato or Yorkshire pudding with vegs! Yum yum!! Xx

  • lol yummy yummy in my tummy ! :-)

    whywhy xxx

  • Ate it already? My dinner won't be ready til half past 6 :-( lol!' Xxx

  • All gone yep ! :-)

    whywhy xxx

  • anxiety does affect your appitite , it can also speed up your metabolisam, and thats what causes you to loose the weight, my doc told me to eat more to stop the weight loss. that the anxiety can cause.x

  • How can you eat if your worrying and loss appettie? My appetite is back slowly and eat more now :-) x

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