stress depression anxiety and anger

how do I stop these feelings of anger and irritation ? feel like ive got a raging fire in my stomach all the time feel like fighting with everyone and I hate the way its turnin me into someone im not ... get irritated by the slightest thing which puts me on 1 for whole day been docs and they've put me on some anti-depressants but there not workin I still feel the same I feel like there not even bothered and im screamin out for help ?? xx

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  • Hi mustang

    Sorry you are not feeling very good

    This is how anxiety & depression makes us feel

    I dont think we are fighting with everyone , I think its more we are fighting with ourselves , but we can sometimes with the frustration react towards others out of fear & how we feel & then feel bad afterwards , because we are sensitive people

    If you dont feel the meds are working , go back to the GP , I dont no how long you have been taking them , they can take several weeks to work ,but if things are getting no better , then there are others or maybe you need a higher dosage , but your GP , will sort that out

    keep coming on here & talking how you feel , no one judges & people will relate along with lots of advise how we all deal with this

    Let us no how you go on




  • hiya hun thanks for the reply ive been on my meds for 2 mnths ive already been put on a higher dose for last mnth and feel no different .... when I said I feel like fighting with everyone I mean literally punching or hurting someone I get that angry I feel like I wanna explode and I hate it ... im a good person and have a massive heart but don't like that side of me and I get very very irritable all the time over the stupidest of things ... I stubbed my toe on my hoover other day and launched it all round my kitchen until I smashed it up ?? that's not normal behaviour but felt perectly normal for me to do at the time xxx

  • I understand what you are saying , I have felt like this when my anxiety has been at its worse

    If you have had the dosage increased for the last month ,, I would go back & see your GP , I am not a doctor , but feel you should be feeling alot better

    Does it say the side effects of the meds can make people feel irritable as I no some can

    Go & tell them exactly what you have said here , i think you may need you meds adjusting

    When you are feeling so up tight & its not easy , but try & sit & breath in & slowly breath out until you start to feel calmer , it takes practice , but it works


  • the irrability and anger etc was why I went to docs in 1st place hun bcz I didn't like the feelings of how I was getting so had all that b4 tablets ... ive gotta go bk and c her at end of mnth she said if these fluoxetine dnt work shes gunna try me on somrthing different but ive had a fair few diff ones over the years xx

  • Morning

    I am glad you have got another appointment to go back

    I have read on here before from other members that quite a few had to have several different meds until they found the one that worked for them , so I no you have already had a few , but dont give up hope , I am sure they will find what works best for you , sometimes it can take a while

    Hope you have a better day today & if you feel you are loosing it take deep breaths




  • thank u hunny u have good day too xx

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