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possible anxiety?



I am 22 years old and have been experiencing chronic nausea, stomach aches, headaches for the past three years. I have seen several doctors and they have performed handfuls of tests from parasites, endoscopy, to gluten allergies and everything has came back negative. whatever this is has consumed my life im afraid to go public places afraid of getting sick as my nausea will randomly occur. no medicines ive been prescribed or taken has helped thus far. Due to this it has made me develop depression because i cant live a normal life and feel constantly ill and do not know whats causing me to feel sick 24/7. Due to doctors not finding anything they believe these symptoms must be caused by anxiety..but i dont believe anxiety can cause someone to feel sick every minute of every day. I feel like im going crazy. I Need answers.

Please help

Has anyone else been through this?

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I haven't been though the stomach issue , but I have felt like crap daily. Anxiety can make you feel like crap . If the tests are negative , that's a GREAT thing. If you still believe it's a stomach thing , you could try detoxing for a bit, try some natural remedy that could assist in flushing toxins out & see if you're better. I know you'll feel better..& you'll find solutions :) but yes, anxiety could have you feeling blah

Thank you for the advice i will try that and see if it helps Im sorry you feel the same its terrible and wouldn't wish that on anyone else its debilitating :(

Anxiety is an eveil thing.. Sorry to let you know this but yes anxiety can make you feel sick 24/7.. Look into seeing a therapist. It will make you understand better.. Best wishes..

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I have and it did little for my symptoms but everyone is different in how they deal with it i hope it is working for you!

Yes anxiety can make you feel sick ALL the time! I have this problem and find it difficult to eat anything and have lost 7lbs in 2 weeks! I find Complan is good to keep you going. Are you on any meds?Doctor has just increased my propranalol so I'm hoping the sickness will improve. Take care of yourself.

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Im sorry to hear that :( when this first started with me almost three years ago i was so nauseous every day I didnt eat for three days straight I lost 20 pounds in a couple months doctors thought i was doing it on purpose and had an eating disorder..only people that suffer with anxiety understand how awful it is. I completely understand how you feel.

Absolutely it's anxiety. I went through the same thing before being diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. Every day I have a different symptom whether it's a migraine, upset stomach. Pins and needles. Had no clue it was all a reaction to one thing.

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Yes my doctor diagnosed me with GAD as well since they could not find anything wrong with me with my test results and I had similar symptoms as GAD. Sorry you are also struggling with it..it is the devil. :/

hi... yes that is anxiety.. i have the same problem for years... then i went to a counselor and she said i have anxiety disorder... she refer me to a doctor... and they gave me medicine tha can control it... anxiety will make u feel sick, no mood, no energy, u wil feel like dont want to do anything, u feel hopless, lonely and such...with anxiety comes deppression...

Im sorrry to hear that you are going through it as well and yes doctors have thought i have GAD since they cannot find anything. It is a horrible feeling to feel like its in complete control on your life..

Have you been tested for Lyme disease? Lyme and coinfections (Babesia, bartonella and ehrlichia) can cause these symptoms as well. Not everyone gets the bulls eye rash when bitten by a tick and many doctors don't know all of the symptoms (there are many). Even if it comes back negative - if the test shows you have Lyme antibodies and were never treated, then it may still be active.

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