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Hi ive been suffering with anxiety for about 6 years now but ive made good progress and made new friends etc, when i first experienced anxiety it was horrible i was having massive panic attacks that would last for hours it was really extreme. in those 6 years ive been getting better and better but two nights back i had two friends round and everything was going ok we was all watching a movie and i noticed my heart was getting faster and faster until i was having a panic attack, my friends noticed that i was having a panic attack and becoming extremely nervous it got so bad that i said "im going to lay in bed i dont feel so good". while i was laying in bed my heart was getting even faster and pounding like hell i was thinking jesus is this ever going to end, this attack lasted for about 5 hours which is not ussual for me i think i had a nervouse breakdown as im still very panicy now and feel like not going out etc i just wanted to ask if anyone had any advice on what i should do or what works for them thanks.

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Hi Noogan87

Here are few things that WILL help those symptoms of anxiety and panic. Ive had that for over 20 years since i was 8. Ive overcome my panics and once in awhile i have some anxiety which i can control pretty well. There are the root core issues in apersons life that can and will cause extreme reactions but for now a few tips that are great for helping right away.

#1 Get up and move your body, touch reality, your energy has gotten scattered and touch your surroundings and walk and move.

#2 Helped me to always get water on my face.

#3 Drink water, get hydrated, room temp oor luke warm

#4 Maybe should be #1 but accupressure points for anxiety, google that so you have some images, those help in seconds, takes the fire right down, its amazing. The one on bottom underneath wrist crease pinky side, but google acupressure for anxiety and look for the wrist point.

#5 go onto youtube and type in music for anxiety and depression. Depression is what causes a ton of anxiety, theres some form or depression in the backround. Also built up anger that never gets released turns into both anxiety and depression. So music with headphones. Some work more than others but you cant go wrong with music here

#6 suppliment/ food

2 main ones are B vitamins and omega 3. Get a good quality suppliment of each from your local health store, whole foods whatever. Anything with magnesium in it, google that.

#7 theres morebut start with these,


thanx i will give your advice a try, much appreciated


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