Does anyone feel lightheaded and dizzy all the time with anxiety?

Ive been suffering with anxiety n panic attacks for 6 months now and its hurrendous,ive only ever had 2 bad attacks but im suffering from the symtoms,feeling lightheaded and dizzy and thinking im going to pass out,i had a bad attack last month while i was driving and now im finding it very hard to drive,when i go into a supermarket or pub i start to feel lightheaded do any1 feel the same as me? xx

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  • HIi. warkie. Very common symptoms of the anxiety state. Yes, it is horrendous but do not be disheartened. Many on this site have had this and many have recovered. You will not pass out, just THINK you will. And there's the secret. It is what you THINK that is causing the problem You fasten on to your thoughts and cant let them go. So you add more fear and so more anxiety. This is called ANTICIPTION and is one of the causes of nervous anxiety and can keep it going. Indeed, it can precipitate a 'normal' person into anxiety. Fear of the dentist; of going to hospital; of a job intervew, or fear of fear itself. You are allowing your memory of how you felt when you last were driving to affect you. That the memory itself will guaratee a return of panic. Have you seen your GP. Reassurance is a powerful tool in recovery. You may need mild tranquilisers on a short term basis just to get you over this hurdle. Do not be afraid to take them. They will help not hamr if managed properly. Tr not to worry and, better still, try and ACCEPT how you feel at the moment. It will pass, but give it time. Best wishes. jonathan.

  • Thanks for the advice,its really helping,ive been to the docs and went to hospital when i had my 1st attack,i had tests for everything and all came back clear,so i know theres nothing physical wrong with me,i have had side affects to some medicines the doc has given me,so ive started going to councelling,hoping that will help me,the feeling is awful and just hope they will eventually go away xx

  • Hi warkie ive had the exact same problems for 3 months now,the dizzy spells and light headedness are horrendous and frightening...I would wake up at night in a total panic with a cold/hot whoosing feeling going thru my feet to my head and the more i paniced the worse it got this happened for nearly two weeks and at one point thought right this is it im going to die!! BUT as johnathan says you have to accept what you have.. so one night i woke up a thought right bring it on and i just sat up really calm then i did this again and again and after a few nights it got so much easier..dont fight it and learn to breath and remember its the exhale thats important..... Lisa x

  • Absolutely, lisa. Fighting is a natural response and we have to learn not to be fooled by this. I always suggest to look up 'fighting' in the dictionary. Mine says"to engage in combat with". Do we want to engage in combat? I think not. What energy we use up.That is why it is so important to do what you did. And it took courage which you probably did not think you had, did you? It does work, but because there is no immediate effect, we despair. It takes time. Very best wishes and love. jonathan.

  • Thank you so much for the advice,ive just got to keep telling myself theres nothing wrong with me,i dont want it to ruin my xmas especially having a little girl,its the passing out thats my fear xx

  • I have to come back on this. All the time I worked with people feeling as you do I never once heard of anyone passing out. It is the FEAR of passing out that causes the anxiety. I am not minimising how you feel. I had this for years on and off. You WILL have a good Christmas and your little girl will appreciate it all the more if Mummy is well. But you can only do your best, and do not feel guilty if everything is not how you would like it. It's not your fault how you feel! Love. jonathan.

  • jonathan,

    Im so happy ive found this website,i feel loads better already,i know ive prob got a long way to go but i feel great,the best in weeks,thanx xx

  • The lightheaded and dizzy feeling is usually brought on by not breathing properly, it's caused by taking little shallow breaths quite quickly rather than slow deep ones.

    If you practice the type of breathing where you empty all the air out of your lungs and pause for a few seconds before filling your lungs again and repeat it will help a lot.

    It's important to breathe out every single bit of air done through your mouth and then count to 2 and breathe in through your nose until your ribs move outwards under your arms.

    Do this slowly in though the nose and out through the mouth if you feel lightheaded until you feel better. PL

  • What is the difference between fighting it and letting it pass? How do we fight it and how do we let it pass? X

  • When you feel breathless and dizzy the natural reaction is to fight the feeling. You can probably feel a feeling of fear rising when the dizzy feeling comes. The fear is the stress hormones causing a reaction in your body and that is the fighting part.

    To control the feeling of fear and worry that you will pass out the best thing is to let go......let go of the feeling by taking control of your breathing and making that nice and slow and steady.

    Our breathing is like a barometer of how we are feeling's impossible to feel relaxed if our breathing is fast and shallow and in the same way it's possible to calm ourselves and feel more in control if we make our breathing nice and slow and even with long breaths out first and then in.

    Try to slow things right down and sometimes it helps to say to yourself a little phrase like, 'I feel calm'.


  • Penny is so right. But may I add that 'fighting' uses so much energy. It is your natural reaction and we must not be fooled by it. 'Letting it pass' does mean accepting it, does it not? ACCEPTANCE with the kind of breathing explained above, can work wonders. Best wishes. jonathan

  • i get the feeling that am going to pass out and it is so frightening at the time .i cant even walk in a straight line because the kerb seems to be swaying a bit . its almost like im useing the adrenalin from the panic to keep myself allert and upright .then my hands go clammy and i bite the inside of my mouth not recoomended as i have bit down a bit to hard every now and then . and i repeatedley clench my fists as i become very aware off my hands and feet. i know it will dissapear but trying to convince myself in the throws of panic is allmost impossible . but from now on am going to try breathing techniques and hope for the best

  • Yea I do as soon as I go in telco or asda etc, it's horrible I have to look down or feel worse

  • Look into Vitamin D Deficiency

  • i have anxiety and I feel like this all the time but for me it gets worse at the end of the day and also I see like black lines in front of my eyes sometimes and little red dots every now and then

  • This is exactly how I feel.dizzy feeling all day every day but I can walk fine shake my head all that and I'm fine.just FEEL dizzy. I to have like little black lines in my eyes they worsen when I'm out side. It's keeping me from doing almost anything. Don't won't to go anywhere or be around any one for fear of "passing out" even my family. I'm so so miserable. I do therapy,and see a psychologist and am on 3mg clonazepam a day. Don't know what else to do😞

  • I too see stuff seems like being outside I can see it head feels dizzy and lightheaded a lot I think it's the worst symptom of all.🙁

  • Hi warkie are you still experiencing diziness from anxiety if not how did you overcome this horrible illness am dying from anxiety dizziness please help

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