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Am I going crazy

Hi everyone its really been a rough day from friday my anxiety has not given me any break im constantly worry an have tension in my ears head feeling tired chest feels weird so I decided to get nature's way calcium magnesium and vitamin d heard its good for anxiety however I read the recommendations an its 3 capsules twice daily that sent me over the edge felt like taking 3 pills one time would seriously harm me however I managed to take just one after breakfast an I swear I drove myself crazy think that that one pill caused all kind of crazy feelings I was having my chest started to tighten my mind racing thinking the worse how can I overcome taking pills and not think they are goin to harm me does anyone else have this problem?

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It's your anxiety from the thought of taking the pills give it some time to kick in unless your allergic to the pills you should not feel immediate effects from just one dose.

I recently started magnesium chloride a shot glass a day and that is immediate since its liquid form and stomach absorbs it better (after three days less heart palps and anxiety attacks down to once a day compared to the whole day and night :) ). But pills take time to build up :)

you should be fine just start with one a day till you feel comfortable and take the three. And of course ask your doctor first so you can check your magnesium levels and see how much of it YOU need

Hope this helped


Oh and till it kicks in hold on do breathing exercises, on YouTube they have meditation music for anxiety helped me last night.

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Thank u sooooo much your reply has helped me alot


Absolutely! I deal with this all the time. Most people with anxiety are afraid of taking pills. Be mindful that magnesium is also a stool softener. I'm sorry you are having a rough time, I'm having a rough time as well, since this past Thursday. Mainly no sleep because I keep jolting out of my sleep, my heart is racing, I feel like I can't breathe, however, I know it's anxiety. It's still very scary,,especially when I'm home alone with my young son. Peace and blessings to you. I pray that we overcome this crippling situation.

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until very recently I hadn't taken any form of medication for over 5 years, i wouldn't even rub ibuprofen gel into my nan's shoulder for her for fear of some kind of reaction ! I got forced into taking amoxicillin for a tooth infection (liquid form as I couldn't swallow the pills) and got a nasty thrush infection so had to treat that too :/ it was my worse nightmare, tears the lot :( every dose felt like the 1st dose & I experienced horrific anxiety symptoms. Just hoping nothin else goes wrong with me ! I was havin CBT to help me overcome the fear, I'm waiting to hear about another course. Your not alone in havin a fear of medication x


Sorry to hear you're having a difficult time, anxiety is such a curse. I'm really suffering at the moment too. Every day is a huge struggle. You're not alone and you're not crazy. Vitamins won't harm you but they will give your health a boost. If you really feel too frightened to take three, then just take one or two. You'll see after today that it hasn't affected you negatively at all.

You're going to be okay!


Thank yal so much it is very frightening im so happy for the support im havijg5having anxiety attack as we speak woke up out my sleep frightened I wish we all can get over this quickly


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