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Feel like im gonna die tonight.. Mental thoughts:(

Idk why but for the past week i've been thinking like something bad is gonna happen.. I think it could be bcus my long distance boy friend is coming tomorrow at 8pm.. I miss him so much and havent seen him for a month! Maybe thats why??

But ive also been very stressed and so ive been thinking like i said, that something bad is gonna happen and so for some reason when i get in bed right now i think i'm going to die tonight.. Wtf? Im going crazy?? How many ppl have thought this? Lol.. Im scaring myself. I took some pills an hour ago.. Maybe im paranoid they're gonna harm me. I hate taking pills lol

Well.. I'm in need of comfort.. I have my bf on facetime but he doesnt understand fully my anxiety. Its been bad lately and im trying to control it:/

Hope everyone is having a good/better night/day! Im sorry i havent been on here in a while.. Forgive me.

With love, Vic

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When I first stared to get anxiety I didn't know what it was.. I could have a great day and then as soon as my head hit the pillow all I could think of was all sorts of irrational thoughts. I downloaded an app called 'anxiety free' and I listen to it every night before I go to sleep.. It completely relaxes me and it's so much more easier to go to sleep!

I hope you're doing okay

Natasha x


I'll try that out, thanks :)


Hi...I've recently started to get my anxiety under control (knock on wood) haha but from what you said it sounds like this anxiety happening the past week perhaps indicates maybe an over exictment to see your boyfriend??? (How do you feel prior to seeing him?) The feelings of dying and death are all too morbid for you to be experiencing. Anxiety causes a whole bunch if negative thoughts and emotions... this doesn't necessarily mean they are the true you see.The best thing to do is to relax. Take comfort in the fact your boyfriend is coming to be with you. In the meantime practice mindfulness...try to talk to a book..maybe go for a jog...Live in the present and do not dwell on the future. Don't let the negative thoughts win.


I think part of it is an over excitment to see him haha

I've been getting headaches alot :( i have one right now. I feel like there' something squeezing my head and its making me crazy!! My eyes burn and i feel like i hear ringing in my ears though i know there is none. My head feels heavy! Im getting very worried:( i was having bad anxiety from August 3rd, on. Im going to the doc this week, and im so afraid that something is wrong with me forreal this time. How will i be able to handle what the doc says? Im so worried!!!


I'm glad to hear you are seeking medical help/attention. It is unknown whether or not what you are experiencing is directly associated with anxiety but the fact is that you are still feeling these things and they are very real to you. That's all that matters. Tell your doc everything you are going through and don't be aftaid. I understand what you are experiencing is somewhat scary and uncomfortable (not intended to minimize) but you have to relax. When we are over stressed are mind tends to play tricks on us (I know right) what makes you around the ones you love. And take comfort in the fact that you are not alone.


Go get your blood checked in your electrolytes they might be off. Maybe you need a little bit of magnesium taking magnesium and calcium at night helps you sleep better. And if your coffee drinker or or soda drinker stop! Caffeine is bad.


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