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Am I going to be okay??

Well idk whats going on right now. my throat feels real weird and my mouth feels fuzzy but when i looked at it in the mirror it looks normal it feels like i cant swallow... And my chest just started twitching outta no where. im scared what if im dying right here right now.??? Has anyone else ever felt this way before or had the same symptoms? If so how did u stop it. I think I want to go to hospital but last time I went there was nothing wrong I dont want them to think I'm crazy. Someone please HELP ME.

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Hi cmoney no I do not



They all sound like anxiety/panic symptoms. You could go to your gp and have a good chat with him/her. They then might prescribe some medication for you if you need it. It does take a while to take affect. 2-6 weeks. If you ever feel the need to go to a&e do not ever feel embarrassed about this. The symptoms of anxiety/panic are debilitating and you know you have to look after no 1 and feel safe. Hope this helps. Take care.


if you are taking any medication,it may be worth telling your g.p and perhaps reviewing that.I know that all anxiety sufferers have different things which trigger the symptoms,if you can share a bit more about what,if anything starts the spiral off,let us know .I always ask my own G.P if my medication maybe causing certain things which ,while in the middle of an episode I cannot see for myself.


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